Seven Steps to Inner Power

In Seven Steps to Inner Power, Dr. Kim’s empowering tools, insights, and strategies will show you how to keep your power turned on at every twist and turn of your journey as you aim for awesome with unstoppable power, passion, and purpose.

Seven Steps to Inner Power:
How to Break Through to Awesome

A uniquely inspiring and down-to-earth guide.

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  1. 5.0/5

    Seven Steps to Inner Power is a much needed book in these difficult times. Find the motivation you need to succeed with Dr. Kim’s endless wisdom.

  2. 5.0/5

    Dr Kim’s Seven Steps to Inner Power has made helped me so much in my life – its like my person Bible now. I first read the first edition, and Dr Kim’s current edition is even better, with more details and examples that made it easy for me to understand deeper how, for example, positive and negative thoughts affect my life, and how to break down a goal into manageable, achievable steps. A++ awesome book!

Seven Steps to Inner Power​
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