September 22, 2022

We are right in the middle of the September Mega Void. Weather extremes, crazy violence, accidents, volatile emotions… and now Cyber Crimes! Stay Alert!

September 12, 2022

Our Firefighters: Our Heroes! Hallelujah! In commemoration to September 11th, it is a blessing day to reach out and share my continuous support to

September 7, 2022

Many of us carry on an unspoken inner monologue constantly that reflects our opinion of ourselves and the environment around us. Take a good

September 1, 2022

May God bless each & every one of you. I sent out the first Warnings from Heaven message last week. If you didn’t see

August 31, 2022

Together, we can make a difference! More than ever, acts of kindness and expressing from our hearts are so vital for ourselves and each
Seven Steps to Inner Power​
The First Element
The Silent Master