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Live a fuller, happier life

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

“Thus, when you identify with a true idea through your gratitude, you feel the force of the love it contains. Feeling this love, you send it out again as greater, expanding gratitude. Then before you know it, your love is growing to appreciate more and more of the world around you—people, wildlife, nature, events. Ultimately, your consciousness becomes love, which you feel and express and which comes back to you everywhere in every way, as beauty, harmony, and peace.

 So it is, when you express gratitude, you connect with the Universal Love that is your Silent Master Consciousness. You find love within yourself first, by recognizing the truth of who you are. Then, as you express your purity, you automatically begin to feel the love that is a part of all true ideas. You are loved, loving, lovely, and lovable. You are love.

 Your awareness of love leads to loyalty.”

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Outside influence

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:



“Furthermore, the culture you are raised in also affects your self concept. The same person could develop a different view of himself if he were raised in tribal Africa or in the Soviet Union, because he would be exposed to different religious, political, and social ideas; all these ideas shape how we see our place in the world. So, isn’t it possible you may have listened more to outside sources than to yourself informing your self image and, as a result, lost sight of some of your real qualities?”

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Original Self

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Before going further, let’s review another Silent Master Image:


Your Silent Master is your Real Self,

your original Self….

It is your eternal Selfhood that exists

apart from your brain (which is a sensory processor only)

and the personality traits imposed on you

from your environment.

Have you created yourself mostly with information coming from outside yourself?  The answer may not be clear.  Be very honest.  In the first chapter, I mentioned dependency as being one of the first concepts you developed, and I discussed how your early dependency on others may have caused you to conform to their expectations about you.

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