Remember the last time you were worried about something?  You couldn’t stop thinking about it - “Did I lock the front door?” “I know I forgot something, what is it???”  At times, your thoughts would be consumed thinking about it, taking your focus away from what you should have been doing instead of obsessing.



Then, remember the flood of relief you felt when you turned around to go back home and you discovered that you had locked the door, or when you finally remembered you needed to call your bank about an odd looking charge on your statement.


That feeling of relief was the freedom you felt when those worrying thoughts dissipated.








In our lives, that feeling of freedom is essential in pursuing our goals with confidence, with minimum distraction, and with our success securely focused in our mind.


Now think about how jealousy, anger, depression and other negative emotions ‘rob’ your freedom to do what you want to do.


I always tell people - it’s OK to experience negativity.  You need to acknowledge it, then work towards letting it go.  This doesn’t mean you ignore things, it means you don’t let yourself be affected by the negativity.  You rise above it, see things with a satellite view, and then make decisions based on being rational, not being emotional.



We are bound to experience negativity often - how we react to it determines our freedom.  It’s our own choice.  If you want to work on not reacting emotionally, it takes practice.  First, recognize you have the power to receive negativity and block it from affecting you.  Then practice, practice, practice!  When it comes at you, pause, take a deep breath, even count to 10 if you have to, just don’t let the negativity control you.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read through this, think about times when you had an intuition and didn't act on it.  Did the intuition turn out to be correct?    

I said earlier that your Silent Master knows when a yin or yang action is called for to create balance.  Yet, how often do we find ourselves making the wrong move, increasing discord rather than eliminating it?  You may even have had moments when you said, "If only I had listened to myself, I wouldn't have done that."  You were probably right.  You may not be aware of it, but your Silent Master speaks to you very quietly at times through the faculty we call intuition.


When you have an intuition, it feels like an impulse to say or do something that suddenly pops into your conscious mind.  Generally, an intuition will feel like a right choice and will bring you a sense of serenity or peaceful resolution (even if you may not have wanted to do it.)  It may feel vague, as if it's not really your own thought, but it is.

This inner "voice" is actually your inner knowing.  It is your Silent Master's knowing attempting to penetrate your consciousness with its truth.  It does not necessarily speak softly; it only appears to do so because your surface thoughts and emotions noisily clamor for so much attention.  Clearly, if you could consistently be aware of these leadings from your Silent Master, you could make the right moves at the right time.

How can you develop greater awareness of this supremely intelligent, quiet voice?  Ideally, your awareness should be like a pool of still water.  Light travels easily into still water, enabling you to see right into the water.  However, when the wind blows and the water is agitated or when the water is polluted, you can't see clearly what's in it.  The same is true of our minds.  You can make your mind like a pool of still, clean water, undisturbed by turbulent surface thoughts, free from polluting feelings and emotions, so that the light of your Silent Master can travel easily into your awareness.


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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read through this, think about times when you may have felt critical of others or yourself.  Did holding those feelings help the situation?  

As you become aware of the energy and emotions you want to cleanse from your world, take care not to get caught up criticizing yourself for the trait you want to eliminate.  Please don't get down on yourself for having doubts or being impatient or angry.  The fact that you are noticing these tendencies means that you are doing something - you are engaged in your life.  As I said earlier, look at these weaknesses clinically.

When you are driving down a dusty road on a hot day and your car becomes coated in dust, you don't label it as right or wrong.  You accept that this is something that just happens, and you make a mental note to get the car washed the next time you are in town.  When you're in a car and it starts raining, you notice that your windshield is getting wet and then you turn on your windshield wipers so you can drive safely.  You don't curse the rain and say, "Why is this stupid water getting on my windshield and all over my car?"

It doesn't really matter how you feel about the rain.  Maybe you have been experiencing a severe drought where you live and so you welcome the downpour, or maybe you've had drenching floods lately and you don't want to see another drop of rain.  Regardless of how you feel, you have to deal with what's happening at the moment.  Getting frustrated and bringing in emotions doesn't help.  In order to move forward, you have to stay in balance, be positive, and take appropriate action.

Life is a journey, and in the same way that you experience rough weather at times, so you'll experience fear or doubt or jealousy.  That's okay.  See these attitudes for what they are and, because you know they are holding you back, set about replacing them with confidence in yourself, gratitude for what you have, and excitement to be alive with a new day of opportunity before you.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read through this, think about times when you may have felt your Silent Master.

Waiting quietly within you is a presence, a force, a state of consciousness that gives you the power to harmonize and change discordant situations, the power to create and to achieve goals.  It gives you the power to experience peace and joy regardless of the circumstances around you - the power to be who you really are.  In Jung SuWon, we refer to this presence within as the Silent Master or Silent Master Consciousness.

When you tap into the consciousness of the Silent Master within, you begin to take control of your life.  You may have been drifting through life before; now you are driving through life and toward your goals.  You experience a new sense of freedom, creativity, purpose, and peace of mind.  You find yourself glad to be alive every day for the sheer pleasure of experiencing life - of experiencing yourself.

The keys from the art of Jung SuWon that you'll explore here will help you awaken to this powerful presence within and empower you to recognize and express the qualities of your Silent Master in your daily life.  As you open to your true potential in this way, you'll discover more of your beauty, your strength, and your courage.

At the core of the philosophy I teach are six truths about your Silent Master.  I call them "Silent Master images" and you'll understand why when you read the section on visualization, or, as I call it, "future memory."  In essence, these images describe who you truly are and the awesome power you have within you now to shape your life.  As you move through this book, you'll learn much more about these foundational concepts and how to put them into action in your life.  Here I'll simply touch on these truths to give you a brief introduction to them.  For now, think of each one as a seed-thought designed to blossom into a practical understanding of your true being and power as you contemplate "Who am I?"  Give yourself complete freedom and permission to fall in love with who you are and you are becoming.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read this, think about a goal or something you want to overcome.  Do your images and thoughts support what you want to accomplish?  

You learned in the last chapter that it is important be responsible when forming your quality purpose and determination, the fourth principle of mental conduct.  Visualization is the first step in bringing forth your quality purpose, and you must exercise responsibility in what you imagine.  The mental images you form must absolutely support what you want to create, and you should visualize them with as much detail and clarity as possible.  If you give equal time to images contrary to your objective, it would be like trying to dig a hole and fill it at the same time - you'll make no progress.

Unfortunately, when we have idle time, many of us have a habit of running all sorts of negative pictures through our minds.  Knowing that your thinking will take form in one way or the other, you can see that if you hold in mind an image that stems from fear, for instance, you are energizing what you fear.  You are letting your fear put you in a prison of your own making.  Knowing also that visualization is a powerful part of the creative process, you can use this wonderful tool to lend positive momentum to achieving your goals.  Allow your mind to dwell only on those images that support you and others, and see how quickly things change.  And again, when negative thoughts and emotions arise, let them flow away from you as quickly as they come.

Keep in mind, too, that if your ideas are different from what everyone else around you seems to be thinking, it doesn't mean that you're wrong or that your ideas are not valuable.  Most flowers bloom in the sun and close at night.  But not all of them.  The moon flower is an exception.  We certainly cannot consider the moon flower to be "wrong" for blooming in the moonlight.  Each of us has our own purpose, our own unique contribution and exceptional beauty to express.  With balance as your armor, awareness as your shield, and visualization as your sword, you have three powerful tools to help you break through limitations and access your inner power to make your goals a reality.  

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the real you waiting to be unleashed:

Moving from a limited sense of self to tapping into the power of your unlimited self does require a change, and change can be frightening.  If you want to live up to your full power and potential, however, you will have to change.  When we've been sleeping in the dark, our eyes are used to the darkness.  So when someone suddenly draws back the curtain and the daylight comes flooding in, don't we pull the covers over our head and moan, "Close that curtain!  You're hurting my eyes!"  The bright light causes discomfort at first, even pain, but that feeling eventually goes away.  In the same way, your limited self may be accustomed to living in comfortable darkness.  If you are willing to experience the initial discomfort that the light brings, you will soon grow accustomed to the brightness and see a whole new world illumined by the light.

As you open to a new way of seeing and being, new opportunities will come.  Yes, challenges will come your way too - challenges within and without.  That is part of life's journey.  Yet, as we learn in the martial arts and as you'll see examples of in this book, you can use a force coming your way to your benefit.  You can learn to ride the wave of those challenges to create greater growth, mastery, and overcoming.  In fact, it is in facing those challenges that you will learn the most about yourself.

The way of the warrior on the path to inner power is to realize who you are in truth and to demonstrate it, a process of evolution that continues throughout your life.  The work of the warrior is joyous and every encounter is an adventure.  As a warrior, you know that the obstacles and limitations you confront are destined to fall because they were never a part of your real self.

No matter what challenges arise, you are never alone.  Your inner strength is waiting for you right now.  Your courage and creativity are waiting for you  Your excitement and dedication and discipline are waiting for you.  All these qualities and more are part of your support team, waiting to be unleashed.  I know you may not be used to feeling that these qualities are a part of you, and you might have some fear about what your life will be like when you step out of your comfort zone.  But I promise you that you will love the sense of freedom, peace, and purpose that comes when you meet who you really are.  Are you ready to experience the real you?

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Enjoy some of these recent articles published in Psychology TodayInspireNation and Parabola

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss determination:

Once you articulate your goal in specific terms, be consistent in your determination to achieve it.  Here's the thing about determination: it works only when you put it to work.  Let's say you paid a tailor one thousand dollars in advance to produce evening clothes to wear to a special event.  This event will never happen again, and the clothes are designed for this one evening.  Will you go to pick up your new clothes even if it's raining heavily?  Yes.  Will you go if you're angry about getting a late start because the stew boiled over in your kitchen?  Yes.  Will you go if you find one of the streets on the way is blocked by construction?  Yes - you'll take a detour.  Will you continue even if the freeway traffic is totally stopped and you have to sit for two hours?  Yes.  What will you do when you arrive at the tailor's shop right after he has hung up his "closed" sign?  You'll bang on the door until he lets you in.

When you're looking for a new job or considering another major step in your life, do you have the same determination?  Where does all this determination go after a few rejections?  Where does it go when, after more failures than you expected, you feel afraid and dejected?  Are your new clothes really so much more deserving of your determination than you are?

When we get discouraged, we can make all sorts of excuses.  Don't allow that to be the case for you.  People who don't have arms but really want to paint learn how to paint with a brush in their mouth or they use their feet.  They don't let the fact that they don't have arms stop them.  No matter what, they find a way.  People who have no legs still run and ski, don't they?  They use prosthetics.  No one can stop them from doing what they love.  Now think about what you may have used as an excuse not to follow through on your dreams.  You may have even called it an obstacle.  But is it really an obstacle - or an excuse?

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss being true to your own dreams:

When you hear the word loyalty, you may think of it as a vague, faraway quality.  It's not.  Loyalty as a step to inner power involves taking specific actions toward your personal goals, your purpose, your target.  So many of us make new year's resolutions - "I want to eat better and lose weight," " I want to exercise," "I want to look for a better job," "I want to meditate every day."  How often does our resolve usually last?  A few days or maybe a couple of weeks?

Why is it that we give up so easily even though these resolutions represent key stepping-stones to our well-being or to accomplishing our cherished dreams?  One reason is that the actions we need to take can feel uncomfortable.  It's easier to continue in our old, comfortable way of doing things that to exert the effort to create significant change.  Another reason it's easy to give up is that loyalty requires consistent self-discipline - the discipline that allows you to remain committed to two things:  yourself and your journey.

You will find that when you start living as one with your Silent Master and commit to worthy goals, all kinds of distractions and new challenges will arise to test your commitment.  In fact, the greater your achievement, the greater the tests that come.  Only if you love yourself enough to remain totally disciplined and loyal to yourself can you triumph over these obstacles and challenges.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the creative power of your words:

Tae Yun Kim

When you have let go of negative emotions during your shower meditation and are making your first impressions on the new day, be sure to use positive affirmations.  Let your inner and outer dialogue with yourself be filled with positive declarations about your true self.  Instead of saying, "I am not sad," be sure to affirm positives such as "I am full of the confidence and natural joy of my real self."

Tae Yun Kim

It's always important to consider the way we communicate and the words we use, whether in daily life, in our meditations or in our inner dialogue  One of the most powerful avenues of expression your mind uses is your words.  Consider for a moment how you think.  Don't you generally "hear" yourself think?  You express your ideas in words, words that either play in your mind or words you speak out loud.

Tae Yun Kim

Words have great creative power.  Your words can tear someone down or inspire them to be a hero.  Your words can spur someone to greater achievements or get them fired.  Since words are the creative carriers of your mental energy, treat them with great respect and choose them carefully with all your heart.  Be conscious of what you are saying.  If you have to, pause before you speak.  Careful means "full of care."  I encourage you to send your words out with extreme care because with those words you can start World War III in your relationships.  We've all had the experience of saying something we didn't mean and finding that the words, once released, go right ahead and have an effect, maybe one we didn't intend.

Tae Yun Kim

It's not so much the word itself that has an effect but the energy and vibration the word carries as you say it - your intent.  The energy and intent you put behind your words makes all the difference.  So when you're speaking to others as well as to yourself, examine what energy you are letting your words carry.  Are you building up your ego in a selfish way that hurts others are are you boosting another's self-image?  If a woman keeps telling her husband how stupid he is, he can start to believe that and decide that "if I can't do anything right, why bother trying at all?"  In your dialogue with others and in your own inner dialogue, constantly reflect on whether you are paralyzing yourself and others or whether you are elevating yourself and others.

Tae Yun Kim

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