Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Are you willing to start making some changes? Are you willing to take even some small actions to start creating your freedom? Sometimes after students set a goal, they feel they don't know where to start. When they ask me about it, I tell them to start anywhere...Just start! Start with the following actions:

Set Realistic Goals

In order to produce the kind of big change that makes you free of being a victim, you start with little changes. Some people make the mistake of expecting too much from themselves, then get easily disappointed and give up. If you've spent the last twenty years handling all your conflicts with anger, you will not be a tranquil "saint" tomorrow. It may take a lot of time and work to remove this habit. So, even though you set the elimination of anger as a goal, you also set a smaller realistic goal: Today, during the two hours when I visit my mother in law, I will practice listening to her and responding with love no matter what she says. Or, you could set a goal like this: Today, I will go to the person I threatened and yelled at, apologize, and negotiate a good solution to our problem. Practicing these small changes eventually produces the big change: one day you realize that you don't respond with anger any more.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


So many times I see students go to lectures, read books, take classes, and get really excited about some new goal. They do this new thing for a while. They talk about it, and talk about it some more. And then pretty soon, they're couch potatoes again. They're in front of the television, staring out of glazed eyes, mouth watering from watching fast food and beer commercials, and the only action they're taking is through a traffic jam to the refrigerator instead action for their lives!

You've heard the expression, "Nothing succeeds like success." Here's another: "Nothing changes you like change." When you are finally ready to claim your freedom, when you're really ready to stop being a victim and take charge of your life, you are ready to make a change. Change means to take action not to talk about it, not to give up after an enthusiastic start, not to hold back in fear, but to actually do something.

Making changes helps set you free by opening up many more alternatives and options for you. A person who knows just one way of doing something, just one way of being, is not as free as the person who can choose from many options. Some of the actions you will need to take involve making changes that encourage you to look at additional options.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Here on earth you live with many other people and many other nations. Since you can't control everything that happens in the world, freedom means you control how you respond to the world. You control who you are, what you think and how you feel, and that shapes everything you experience. Freedom means you express your power to realize your goals and desires, so that nothing can take away your natural joy to be alive.

You are free when you can be the purity of yourself no matter what happens to you or to the world and when you allow the purity of yourself to always shine under all circumstances. The light of your own energy can chase away any darkness for you and promote healing problems that confront you. You are your true creative Self, and you create your own freedom by using your power to develop, protect, and express your life on your terms.

Freedom does not mean being free from adversity or difficulty. Freedom is the knowledge you have the power to conquer adversity and difficulty. If you could ask any animal living free in the animal kingdom, they would tell you they aren't free from "trouble." Predators are everywhere, and life is a daily challenge. It takes effort! But all animals were born with instincts to protect them, and were given special talents and abilities to help them stay alive and pursue their life in freedom. It is the same for you. Living with over four billion other people on Earth, you will not be entirely free from "trouble" of many kinds. But the wisdom, intelligence and creative power of your Silent Master is with you always to guide, protect and support you. Freedom is knowing you are connected to this power source and that you can put it into action to conquer adversity.

You, and you alone, have the power to make yourself free, because taking charge of your life is a choice. Since you have within you right now your Silent Master consciousness, the creative Life Force of the universe, all you need do is choose to discover it. And then there's only one more step needed to complete your freedom: Take action!

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


To me, one of the most perfect pictures of freedom is nature in the wild. Birds are free to fly wherever their instincts take them, to the highest mountain or to the water's edge. Bears, rabbits, deer, creatures of all names and sizes, freely roam the land, each finding their food and shelter in their own individual way. Animals freely express their unique individuality. No animal tries to be like another. Mountain lions don't try to live like deer or eat their food. Rabbits don't try to hibernate like bears. All animals take their individuality for granted, "trusting" that nature provides everything necessary to fulfill their every need.

And the elements of nature are also free and joyous, expressing and contributing their gifts abundantly. The sun shines faithfully and warmly no matter what happens on the planet below. Rivers flow through their native surroundings bringing food for life. And beauty is everywhere. The clouds, winds, rainbows, butterflies, light filtered through the forest trees all come together in a beautiful picture of harmony.

You are a part of all this! Freedom, beauty, and originality for you is exactly the same as for nature's beings and elements. You are an original! An individual, unique and special. You have your own talents and abilities, and don't have to imitate anyone else, or want what they have. You have your own special purpose. To discover your Silent Master is to realize you have the power to create your own freedom. Living free means you put your freedom into action. You are the one in charge of the direction of your life. You don't let life happen to you. You don't let yourself be a victim.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



Silent Master Image V
You Have the Power
to Fulfill Your Dreams

Your Silent Master is completely aware, infinitely intelligent, and ready to give you all the insight, information, and direction you need to fulfill your dreams, ambitions, and goals. In fact, this Consciousness is the Source of all your true desires.


The whole point of discovering your real Self your Silent Master is to be able to live free. So congratulations! You're living in a universe where freedom can be yours. Are you celebrating yet? If you aren't, maybe it hasn't become clear what freedom can mean to you personally. Have you been working on purifying and increasing your energy? Have you examined your life and prepared for the rebirth into freedom that rightfully belongs to you? Freedom is waiting for you right now. What action are you going to take to make it yours?

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Right now, I can express my Silent Master. Today, and every day, I can express more of my true Self. Love within me is showing me true desires and true directions that bring me peace and joy and harmony. I am one with the Love of my Silent Master, so I can hear the voice of Love talk to me every moment, guiding me with true thoughts, ideas, and attitudes which help me create my greatest good. I willingly let go of every trait and every desire that is not my true Self. I let go of every person, place or thing that is not part of my true being and my true purpose. I can allow pure Love to shine through me and attract everything good to me. The potential for everything that I need to fulfill myself is within me now, and I am allowing Love, my creative energy, to bring it to me in the right way at the right time.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

The Right Use of Patience Promotes Victory

In the apple tree story we see how each would be farmer started out doing everything right. They all had a specific goal that was reachable, they were enthusiastic and committed, and they all even visualized the desired outcome. They didn't just dream of their success; they took good action to set their goal in motion. Nothing should have hindered the manifestation for each, but unfortunately six of them at various stages became victims of their own impatient, undisciplined thinking.

But when you act as the seventh farmer did, you are well on your way to our ultimate goal of freedom!



As we discussed, rebirth happens every moment you change in a positive way. When you express negative qualities, or when someone expresses them to you, you have an opportunity, even then, to put your own original Love into action. You have an opportunity to discard the negativity, and replace it with the truth about your real Self. Look back over the past week and think of situations where you expressed negativity. There may be many or few. Instead of criticizing yourself for feeling and acting the way you did, look at an alternative action you could have taken in each situation. Jot down your responses this way:

"I felt jealousy in this situation and I reacted by.... Instead I could have...and both of us would have felt better."

Or, "I felt anger when that person spoke to me harshly and I reacted by...Instead, I could have said or done.....and we might have avoided the conflict."

Notice the purpose of this exercise is not to prove you were wrong to have the negative emotion, but rather to show how a positive action or shift in attitude can help eliminate the cause of the negativity, and promote a new and different Self-Concept.


Try this exercise before you go to sleep, when you're relaxed and your mind is free. Imagine that you are some kind of energy broadcasting station. Perhaps you can see yourself as a sphere of light, or perhaps your energy is invisible. However you do it, in this state you now have the ability to broadcast a message to anyone and everyone you choose in your present environment. You're going to let them know of your new goals, your new self-concept or your new path. Look at your parents, for instance, with your new energy "eyes." Begin speaking to them, no matter what you see them doing, and know that your message is surrounding them and will be heard in some way. Tell them what kind of person you are and what you would like to bring to them and to the world. Tell them what you hope to do in life and what you need from them to help you do it. Broadcast to any friends or associates who also need to hear your message. This exercise is a form of visualization that actually helps create the life you're "broadcasting."

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

"It's not over 'til it's over." Nowhere is this truth more clear than in watching athletes compete in the Olympic Games. Since the abilities of the Olympic athletes are so competitively similar, often the winner leads by a fraction of a second. Sometimes it's so close that the winner is only determined by looking at the film footage. In track competitions we also see instances where a runner behind the one who looks like he'll be the winner suddenly pulls out and overtakes the person in front, winning the event by less than an inch. How important it is to persevere with all your commitment until the very end! Olympic athletes know all too well that at the end of the race, letting up just one little bit can cost them a medal. In the same way, you too must persevere with full commitment until you reach your goal. The seventh farmer was not defeated by difficulties at the last minute. He persevered until the apple was in his hand.

The rewards of remaining loyal until you arrive at your goal go beyond just obtaining the goal itself. Every time you win even something small or overcome a weakness or conquer a limitation, you make your true Self more real and powerful in your life. This growth goes on to create more growth, and more challenges that bring out even more of your potential. And where does it all end? In greater freedom for you. The result of continuing Self Discovery is the power to be more free.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Continued from prior post….

Think about this moment! After all these years, all his work, all his patience, he finally had the fruit in his hand! The biggest, reddest, and most beautiful apple he had ever seen. With an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment, he bit into apple, and was filled with peace, harmony and joy. In that moment, all the hardships he had endured, all the hours of work and effort, were worth it a million times over. The quiet love and joy he felt, the bliss, the peace and serenity he found within him was beyond any price.

Is this the kind of farmer you have proved to be? If so, I hope you are celebrating!

This seventh farmer fulfilled all the right uses of patience just mentioned. He waited patiently through all the small steps of the process, he remained loyal to his goal, he kept his priorities straight, he didn't mistake any stage of the process as being the end, he let himself be guided at the end as to how to get the apples down, and he certainly recognized what his true victory would be. The seventh farmer also did one more thing: he persevered until the goal was in his hand the way he desired.

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