Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim offers Private Classes in California and Oregon!

Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy provides many different programs! Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim and Master Instructors offer private classes in both California and Oregon. These classes are very popular in the surrounding cities like Medford, Oregon; Applegate, Oregon; Jacksonville, Oregon; Central Point, Oregon; Grants Pass, Oregon, and Fremont, California; Milpitas, California; San Jose, California; Cupertino, Silicon Valley California; and more!

What is a Private Class?

It is a one-on-one session for students who want to further their training by focusing on a specific technique, form or sparring.  Private classes are designed so that the student will receive immediate feedback and advice on how to improve, which helps accelerates the students training. One private class is equivalent to about a week’s worth of regular classes because of the student-teacher ratio.


One of the students who recently took private classes shares how she learned to better visualize her target.  Before, she was striking with her techniques aimlessly, now she is exercising the power of visualization with every technique that she does and it’s helping her to direct her energy toward her target or goal.  Her focus at work and home has improved, she can see her goals clearly and she knows how to achieve them.

Why is visualization important?  Dr. Tae Yun Kim writes in one of her books, Seven Steps to Inner Power, “Visualization is the process of forming a mental image.” and “It is an immaterial activity that takes form first as a mental image, then as a material image.”  So, as students focus on their physical techniques, they are also visualizing their goals.  “No matter what goals you are aiming for in your life, visualization is an essential tool to achieving them.”  Dr. Kim’s words are based on nearly 70 years of experience and application.

Learn more about visualization! Can you visualize your goal and your dreams? Are you ready to make it happen? You can gain many insights and lessons through private classes offered at Jung SuWon!


Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the topic of how to free our minds from limitations: 

While the art of Jung SuWon includes a physical form, it is more than a martial art.  It goes far beyond the hard martial art forms that are strictly of foot and fist, and it is not a sport.  Jung SuWon embraces principles and practices that help you develop your whole being - body, mind, and spirit.  Its mental and spiritual aspects are not separate from its physical form.

Tae Yun Kim

Let me give you a quick example.  In the martial arts, powerful kicks and punches are worthless unless they are properly directed at an appropriate target with the necessary mental focus.  In other words, physical strength is only as good as mental strength.  All the physical strength in the world will not help if your mind is full of fear.  As students practice, they identify what weaknesses are holding them back.  They learn to fight to free themselves from those limitations so they can express their innate power.  As they cultivate determination, confidence, and strength in practicing martial arts, they also apply those same qualities to the challenges in their daily lives.  They are learning to free themselves from whatever is holding their dreams and their future hostage.

Tae Yun Kim

The same principles hold true for you in your everyday life.  You must learn to conquer fear and weakness within you before you can overcome any foe or obstacle outside of yourself.  You must fight for your freedom.  Thus, the purpose of the art of Jung SuWon is to give you practical tools to free yourself from limiting, self-defeating states of mind.

Tae Yun Kim

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Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


"There is another factor that causes you to lose touch with yourself: relying solely on the evidence of your five material senses to tell you who you are . Your senses of taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight are wonderful processors of sensory information, but they are not the source of your intelligence. They are channels for your intelligence to flow through so that you can materially experience what you create-and that’s all.

Let’s take a person who believes she is physically weak. Perhaps as the youngest child in a family, she was unable to defend herself against the advances of older siblings and consequently developed the concept that she couldn’t be strong. Sure enough, her belief took form as a weak, underdeveloped body. Now, as she looks out through her eyes and feels through her undeveloped muscles, all the sensory information going through her brain says, “I am weak.”

But is she? That’s what her brain says, but it’s not what her Silent Master says. The truth is, strength is one of the ideas in the Silent Master Consciousness; therefore she can express that idea."


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In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Writing in Sand

The Native Americans created sand drawings, knowing full well that ultimately the wind would blow them away.  This is how I describe negative emotions that are held until something external happens to stimulate them or change them.  We haven’t determined to keep them, but likewise we haven’t determined to release them.  This is an unstable emotional condition because we are not “in charge” of those emotions and we don’t take constructive action to neutralize the negative feelings.  Maybe the emotions will be discharged smoothly; maybe they won’t.  But their presence, until removed, is counterproductive and obstructive.”

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Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“Everything external in life was first internal in thought, so no permanent change can come about merely by attempting to fix or rearrange external conditions. Yet, that’s usually what we try to do. When we see the symptoms of something wrong in our lives, we usually try to get rid of the symptoms instead of getting rid of the mental condition that’s causing the symptoms. Unfortunately, we tend to look only at the surface of most situations. Why? Because searching for the cause of a situation requires more insight than is obvious at first glance; it takes time and effort to search below surface appearances.

For example, a friend who shares my interest in gardening had an expensive plant that was dying. The leaves were turning yellow and dropping, so she spent considerable effort giving it more light, then more shade, then more plant food, then more water, then less water, and on and on. Frustrated, she brought the plant to me. I recognized that the symptoms had nothing to do with any surface problem, but were from bacteria attacking the roots. I had to pull the plant out of the soil to get at the real problem. To her amazement, when I uprooted the plant, cleaned it, and replanted it, the problem disappeared. What I proved to her was that the cause of any problem must be identified before we can treat the problem effectively.”

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