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Be True to Your Own Dreams

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss being true to your own dreams:

When you hear the word loyalty, you may think of it as a vague, faraway quality.  It’s not.  Loyalty as a step to inner power involves taking specific actions toward your personal goals, your purpose, your target.  So many of us make new year’s resolutions – “I want to eat better and lose weight,” ” I want to exercise,” “I want to look for a better job,” “I want to meditate every day.”  How often does our resolve usually last?  A few days or maybe a couple of weeks?

Why is it that we give up so easily even though these resolutions represent key stepping-stones to our well-being or to accomplishing our cherished dreams?  One reason is that the actions we need to take can feel uncomfortable.  It’s easier to continue in our old, comfortable way of doing things that to exert the effort to create significant change.  Another reason it’s easy to give up is that loyalty requires consistent self-discipline – the discipline that allows you to remain committed to two things:  yourself and your journey.

You will find that when you start living as one with your Silent Master and commit to worthy goals, all kinds of distractions and new challenges will arise to test your commitment.  In fact, the greater your achievement, the greater the tests that come.  Only if you love yourself enough to remain totally disciplined and loyal to yourself can you triumph over these obstacles and challenges.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the topic of Loyalty.


Love is its own reward. The wonderful feeling of love generated from expressing your real self naturally leads you to value your real self even more. Then, the more you value your real self, the more you love. This momentum of love is the essence of loyalty, so loyalty is the result of perpetuating, reinforcing, and expressing your real self by loving it.

And how do you love yourself? By being your real self. There is no greater way to love your real self than by being It. That is loyalty.

Here’s an interesting thought you may not be aware of. The word “loyal” is derived from the Latin word legalis, which means “legal.” Thus, loyal includes the meaning of legal, which means “bound by law.” So, when you are loyal to your real self, when you are loyal to true and pure ideas about yourself, you invite the law of manifestation to operate and bring forth your real self. Loyalty is an act of acknowledging this law, an act of recognizing that whatever you are mentally loyal to is bound to take form.

Loyalty, then, is a lot like gratitude because they are both acts of recognizing or acknowledging an idea. Whatever you’re loyal to, you recognize. Whatever you recognize, you think about. Whatever you think about, you manifest.


What are you loyal to in your life?  Where do you put your energy?  Family and loved ones?  Bad habits?  


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