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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read through this, think about what it means to be one of a kind.  Does this help to shed any clarity on your life goals?    

Your Silent Master is your real self, your original self.  It expresses itself through your thinking, through true ideas and thoughts in your mind.  It is your eternal Selfhood that exists apart from your brain (which is a sensory processor only) and the personality traits imposed on you from your environment.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to live by the truth that you are one of a kind.  As a child in training under my martial arts master, I would be in tears as I told him how my family was treating me - how they were pounding negative messages into my ears every day, telling me I was no good, I was bad luck, I was a tomboy, I was a curse, I was a disaster, I was never going to be happy, I could never be a martial artist and I was crazy to even think like that.

one of a kind tae yun kim

No matter how much I wanted to get angry and fight when I heard those words, my master would say to me: "Just remember: You are one of a kind.  You are not your mother and you are not your grandmother.  Do not let their opinions or judgments or ideas affect who you can be, because you are not them.  You are unique.  Your mother has copied her lifestyle from your grandmother, as she was taught to do.  You say you want to become a practitioner of the martial arts - even a teacher.  No woman has ever done that.  So you need to accept that you are one of a kind and acknowledge it.  You need to believe that's who you are before you can convince anyone else."  He encouraged me to affirm that truth over and over.

Now it is my turn to tell you:  I know who you are. Now you have to know who you are.  You are one of a kind.  You are not just someone's son or daughter, brother or sister, mother or father.  You're not just an employee or manager at such and such a company.  We've all heard about people who lose their job or break up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and then lash out violently at others or even want to commit suicide because they believe their life is now finished.  Have you ever felt that way yourself?  Remember, your job, your relationships, what other people say about you is not who you are.  If someone doesn't appreciate who you are, you are still one of a kind with unlimited opportunity and potential.  No one can take that away from you - unless you allow them to.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read through this, think about times when you may have felt your Silent Master.

Waiting quietly within you is a presence, a force, a state of consciousness that gives you the power to harmonize and change discordant situations, the power to create and to achieve goals.  It gives you the power to experience peace and joy regardless of the circumstances around you - the power to be who you really are.  In Jung SuWon, we refer to this presence within as the Silent Master or Silent Master Consciousness.

When you tap into the consciousness of the Silent Master within, you begin to take control of your life.  You may have been drifting through life before; now you are driving through life and toward your goals.  You experience a new sense of freedom, creativity, purpose, and peace of mind.  You find yourself glad to be alive every day for the sheer pleasure of experiencing life - of experiencing yourself.

The keys from the art of Jung SuWon that you'll explore here will help you awaken to this powerful presence within and empower you to recognize and express the qualities of your Silent Master in your daily life.  As you open to your true potential in this way, you'll discover more of your beauty, your strength, and your courage.

At the core of the philosophy I teach are six truths about your Silent Master.  I call them "Silent Master images" and you'll understand why when you read the section on visualization, or, as I call it, "future memory."  In essence, these images describe who you truly are and the awesome power you have within you now to shape your life.  As you move through this book, you'll learn much more about these foundational concepts and how to put them into action in your life.  Here I'll simply touch on these truths to give you a brief introduction to them.  For now, think of each one as a seed-thought designed to blossom into a practical understanding of your true being and power as you contemplate "Who am I?"  Give yourself complete freedom and permission to fall in love with who you are and you are becoming.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the topic of Mistakes.

Making Mistakes is Essential to Progress

Tae Yun Kim

Willingness to learn from mistakes is the backbone of all progress. How many mistakes do you think Alexander Graham Bell made in inventing the first telephone that connected one room in his house to another? Now technology allows us to see the person we’re speaking with on the other side of the globe. How many mistakes did the engineers make while developing this technology? Who cares? The object is to succeed, not to count your mistakes.


Mistakes are part of the natural process of striving to make constant improvements in your life.  Mistakes are essential to your progress.  If fact, without mistakes, you can't be successful.  The minute you decide to work toward achieving a goal that is important to you, you will make mistakes. How did we humans get the idea that to be perfect we couldn’t make mistakes? Never making a mistake does not make us perfect.  Never repeating a mistake after we learn from it is as perfect as we need to be.

Tae Yun Kim

In the face of a mistake, stay motivated and remind yourself that is is part of your path to success - that making mistakes is essential because it helps you to become better and better as you practice.  Imagine the freedom you’ll feel when you don’t have to worry about defending or hiding your mistakes. Experience the increased energy that comes from this freedom!  Welcome your mistakes into your consciousness as your friends and teachers.

Tae Yun Kim

If you do that are are determined to learn from mistakes, you will also gain a precious gift: wisdom.  There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.  Knowledge is something you gain by looking up information on the internet, in an encyclopedia, or in books or other resources.  Wisdom, however, comes from experience.  You don't gain wisdom by reading or absorbing informaiton; you only gain it thorugh experience.  When I interview applicants for a job at one of my businesses, I always look at how much real-world experience they have and what hardships and challenges they have had to face and overcome.  I find that those who are willing to learn from mistakes and take on new challenges develop a resiliency and inner strength that gives them the edge on the job and in their personal lives.

Tae Yun Kim

Fear of Making Mistakes is Mental Laziness

Part of our fear of mistakes is pure laziness. What’s the worst thing that will happen if you make a mistake? You will have to abandon that course of action and take another, which means, in short, a lot of work. It means you will have to think of another course of action. You may have to be creative. You may have to expend energy in thinking, evaluating, planning. You may have to resist emotions such as despair, futility, rejection, and fear.

Tae Yun Kim

If you are mentally lazy, making mistakes will be one of the best excuses you have for giving up, for deciding that maybe your goal isn’t so important after all. What a senseless waste that would be. Why expect so little out of life and out of yourself?


Mistakes are not harmful in and of themselves. What is harmful is our attitude toward mistakes. If you are willing to make mistakes, look at them, regard them as feedback, and keep right on making them until you achieve your goal, you have the right attitude. You won’t purposely make mistakes, of course. But because you are challenging yourself, you will be aware that mistakes are a natural part of the process.  Having the right attitude toward mistakes, the right view of them, will give you the freedom to pursue your goals with confidence, with minimum distraction, and with your success securely focused in your mind. When you find yourself joyfully moving from one situation to another, using mistakes for learning, growing, and improving, you will know that your Silent Master is beginning to operate in your life.


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In my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within, I talk about self-discovery:

tae yun kim

The true goal of self-discovery is to find freedom and happiness. If you are not happy right now, if you do not have the freedom you desire, it's only because you're not aware of the power within you to joyfully fulfill your meaningful goals and true desires.  Freedom means you don't have to be a victim of your environment!  Whatever the circumstances you are born into, or whatever circumstances develop around you as you go through life, freedom means you use your power to take charge of your life and direct your path.  And yes, you do have the power!

tae yun kim

Some aspects of life are unavoidable.  You didn't choose the family or the environment into which you were born, for example.  You didn't choose many of the abuses, conflicts or crises that may have occurred over the years.  And you will inevitably experience sickness in some form, old age, and death.  But you don't have to regard these things as excuses for continuing unhappiness and failure.  Instead, you can decide that right now you will produce change in your life, and that you will live your life as fully as you can--with as much love and happiness as you can.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Appreciation is the first step. What if you could only use certain parts of your body? Have you ever thought of what you would do if you had only one arm? Or no arms? Or no sight? Most people who enter my martial arts school are physically healthy and take their bodies for granted. It's for this reason I sometimes have my students try to do what they think are normal everyday things without the use of their legs or arms or eyes. Very quickly they learn how complex the movements of their hand can be, or how precious their sight is. This physical body is a miraculous gift. Utilize it, care for it, strengthen it. Don't waste it or take it for granted.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


It's a two way process. For instance, when you encourage your body to go the extra mile around the track, one more mile than you did the day before, you're sending a message to your mind to the effect, "I can grow; I can change; I can break limits." This good message that your mind receives when you demand extra performance from your body then goes on to encourage even better performance, and not just in running. The message will now extend to other areas of your life. "I can grow; I can change; I can break limits" could also help you create new and better procedures at work that result in a promotion or a better position.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Physical Discipline Helps Energize You

Some people say, "I don't have time to worry about physical exercise right now. I have other problems. All I want to do is just get my life together at this point."

As I've said before, body and mind are one. Because your body is connected with your mind, bringing your body under control means bringing your mind under control. And vice versa, of course. Whatever disciplines you apply to your mind affect your body.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

In the biblical account of creation, for instance, the first command of creation is "Let there be light: and there was light." The first and most pure form of material manifestation is light.

Likewise, the first and most pure material manifestation of your Silent Master consciousness is light. Light is the link between who you are as pure consciousness and who you are as matter. Pure light is unformed and unshaped like pure consciousness, yet it is the medium that shapes and forms itself into material manifestation. It is the link between the formed and the unformed. The candle meditation connects you with this aspect of yourself energizing this inner aspect of your being by focusing on it.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Just as you purify your thinking by choosing what thoughts and words you will concentrate on, you must purify the images that you visualize. You can use the previous six part meditation that we used for concentrating on an idea to use for your visualization. Instead of dwelling on the words that describe an idea you want to manifest, dwell on the picture of your desired manifestation. During that time, allow no other pictures to enter your mind.

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