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Clock Your Life Journey

When you set the right goal for yourself – a program of one year or three years or five years – and then you work toward your goal with discipline and commitment, I guarantee that you’ll find a way to make it happen.  Few people, however, know how to put together the desire to get somewhere with the means to make it happen. Want is not enough. For example, many people want to be rich. Yet, are you willing do put in the work to make it happen? Be ready to commit to your goal when you set it, and you will not be disappointed.  

              Next, set a timeline to motivate yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis towards that goal. Make a plan with steps to be accomplished, and dates by which to accomplish them.  If there is an end in sight, with a map on how to get there, you’re far more likely to work towards that result. In setting a calendar with specific challenges and tasks to be accomplished by a certain time, remember, that success often doesn’t come in the order in which we plan it. That’s okay.  As long as you’re making progress towards your end result, you’re doing more than 99% of those around you.  And you’re likely to get to your goal. Remember, a delay does not mean you have to abandon your goal.  After all, you may need to adjust plans along the way as new information comes to us.  As long as you start with a firm concept of what you want to accomplish and by when, you will be in motion and moving toward the finish line.     Professional athletes, for example, dedicate themselves to practicing, training and striving to meet specific markers along the way to their end goal.  Just like that, we need to be specific and consistent. Keep in mind that none of us know when the sun will go down in our lives.  All we have is today, to work our hardest, to move forward doing the very best we can with the tools and circumstances in front of us.  If you live each day in service to your goals and values, working towards making them happen, I guarantee you will find satisfaction and success!              
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Hold in Mind Images That Support Your Goals

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER.  As you read this, think about a goal or something you want to overcome.  Do your images and thoughts support what you want to accomplish?   You learned in the last chapter that it is important be responsible when forming your quality purpose and determination, the fourth principle of mental conduct.  Visualization is the first step in bringing forth your quality purpose, and you must exercise responsibility in what you imagine.  The mental images you form must absolutely support what you want to create, and you should visualize them with as much detail and clarity as possible.  If you give equal time to images contrary to your objective, it would be like trying to dig a hole and fill it at the same time – you’ll make no progress. Unfortunately, when we have idle time, many of us have a habit of running all sorts of negative pictures through our minds.  Knowing that your thinking will take form in one way or the other, you can see that if you hold in mind an image that stems from fear, for instance, you are energizing what you fear.  You are letting your fear put you in a prison of your own making.  Knowing also that visualization is a powerful part of the creative process, you can use this wonderful tool to lend positive momentum to achieving your goals.  Allow your mind to dwell only on those images that support you and others, and see how quickly things change.  And again, when negative thoughts and emotions arise, let them flow away from you as quickly as they come. Keep in mind, too, that if your ideas are different from what everyone else around you seems to be thinking, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong or that your ideas are not valuable.  Most flowers bloom in the sun and close at night.  But not all of them.  The moon flower is an exception.  We certainly cannot consider the moon flower to be “wrong” for blooming in the moonlight.  Each of us has our own purpose, our own unique contribution and exceptional beauty to express.  With balance as your armor, awareness as your shield, and visualization as your sword, you have three powerful tools to help you break through limitations and access your inner power to make your goals a reality.   Visit me online at my school, Jung SuWon or on Vimeo Enjoy some of these recent articles published in Psychology TodayInspireNation and Parabola