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Freedom is Your Birthright, continued

Here is something I wrote about Freedom, in my 2nd book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within~

Tae Yun Kim

Ask yourself these questions:  Have the past five years of your life brought you what you want out of life?  Were you focused on a goal and going somewhere special?  Or were you just drifting, only to find out today, five years later, that your time was mostly wasted?

Tae Yun Kim

Maybe you’ve never asked this question before, so you might reply without thinking, “I guess I have what I want.”  Or, maybe you know right now your answer is, “Are you kidding?  No way!”  Think about it and ask yourself now.  Are you really excited about getting up every morning?  Do you have a career that fulfills you?  Do you have love in your life?  Do you have a warm and peaceful feeling inside that makes you glad to just be alive, no matter what?

Or do you have a vague feeling that you’re somehow “faking it” in your life, as though you’ve never really known who you are, or all you can do, or why you’re here?  Do you have a feeling that you’ve missed really living your life, that you’re just doing what you can to survive?

Tae Yun Kim

When you have your answer, here’s something else to keep in mind:  the next five years will be just the same.  So you need to ask another question right now.  Do I want the next five years to be like the last five?


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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



As you go about purifying your energy, it’s important to recognize the positive qualities you already demonstrate. Split yourself in two for a moment, and list the positive and negative qualities you possess. Don’t be surprised if you have to work hard at this, especially at acknowledging your good nature. In order to control and purify your energy, you have to know where you stand first! Since you may not be used to observing yourself, this will be a good practice to find out how to direct your efforts. Try it like this:

Desirable Qualities
I make an effort to eat pure, balanced foods.

Undesirable Qualities
I get angry at slight provocation and usually cause a fight.


Practice identifying the attitudes and conditions that affect your energy. Events in your life are teachers and give you much feedback about what works and what doesn’t. Think about your past and ask what specifically happened here or there that played a role in creating constructive changes for you. Think of a situation in which your energy changed in a significant way. What did you do to change your energy? What happened as a result? You can probably find instances where certain negative attitudes or actions created a negative result and instances where either consciously or by accident you took an action that worked positively for you.”

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The Best Defense Is the High Energy of Love

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

The Best Defense Is the High Energy of Love

According to the laws of electricity, electrical energy flows from a positive state to a negative. Your energy behaves like electrical energy. So, if you are manifesting a high positive energy state and come in contact with a lower negative energy state, energy naturally moves from the higher to the lower, not vice versa. This means when you are manifesting a high, positive energy state, and you come into the presence of a low energy state (like a lot of negative or angry people) one of two things will happen. One is that the negative energy can possibly drain you, since energy flows from a high state to a low. You might begin to feel tired and become negative as well. But on the other hand, if you use your will and positive attitude to maintain your high state, you will cancel the negative state instead. This is the power of Love. When you consciously love, you create a field that can’t hold ill will, harm or hurt. Love is the greatest protection of all.

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Living in the Now!

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“This brings us to the second step: Living in the NOW. Your Silent Master speaks to you always in the present moment, because now is all there is. Therefore, now is where reality is, and now is where the creative moment is.

Why is now the only creative moment? When it was yesterday, you experienced it as now. When you experience tomorrow, it will be now. At this moment, and every moment thereafter, it is now. It is never tomorrow or yesterday. What are you thinking right now? What concepts and emotions are you holding right now? Whatever they are, they are in the present moment and on the way to becoming manifest.”

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