Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss the topic of Mistakes.

Mistakes Are Your Feedback System

Tae Yun Kim

The second principle of mental conduct is to learn from your mistakes.  In the preceding section, I talked about how we are constantly evaluating ourselves as if we are onstage and how we tend to hide our weaknesses to put ourselves in a better light, thereby hoping to give ourselves a higher performance rating. For the same reason, we tend to hide our mistakes. Just as we think a good performer shouldn't be weak, we think a good performer shouldn't make mistakes. So when we do make a mistake, we believe that the more quickly we get it out of sight and move on, the better. Think about it for a moment. When we have made a mistake, one of the things we immediately do is try to cover it up, make excuses for it, or justify it.  We’ll do almost anything to get away from it rather than look long and hard at it.

What we don't realize is that mistakes are part of a natural feedback system when we are learning a task or accomplishing a goal. That’s all.

Imagine a gymnastics student learning to do a back flip for the first time. As he strives to imitate the movement as best he can, the teacher tells him two things: what he did correctly, and what he did incorrectly. That is called positive and negative feedback. The positive feedback describes his right action, and the negative feedback describes his mistakes. Can you see how knowledge of mistakes is as important in the learning process as knowledge of right actions? When you know what is not correct, you can then consciously strive to avoid the mistake and duplicate the right action. Precise knowledge of correct and incorrect, then, forms the basis of our conscious choices and actions, and that speeds up the learning process.

Tae Yun Kim

Now imagine a person striving to get promoted in her workplace. Perhaps she calls attention to herself by bragging and showing off.  To make herself look better, she calls attention to deficiencies in coworkers. After a while, she is fired instead of promoted. Did she make a mistake? Absolutely. She must now regard that mistake as feedback on what not to do to get a promotion. She still has to learn what she needs to do, of course, and may make more mistakes in the process of finding the right action to take.


The key is to keep going. She must not let her mistakes be excuses for giving up or allow her self-condemnation to paralyze her future actions. If her goal is worth achieving, she must be willing to persist through every form of failure, always regarding it as a learning experience, as feedback, until she hits upon the right action for success.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Death Is Right Beside Us

You may think those are fairly easy questions. After all, don't you look in the mirror every day and more or less size yourself up? Plan your agenda? But I suspect these questions aren't as easy as you think, and that most of us carefully dance around the honest answers to avoid confronting ourselves.

Many of us are seduced into a sense of "foreverness" about our lives, thinking that we have unlimited time to get somewhere or do something. Not that we say that consciously to ourselves. We don't say "I'm going to be alive forever," we just act that way. We simply do not have the feeling from day to day that we are eventually going to die, or that our time here is limited.

Since we don't live from moment to moment with the awareness that we could die at anytime, we take our time answering the questions mentioned above or avoid them altogether. Even if we ask a question like, "Am I where I want to be?" it's all too easy to reply "Well, I'll get there someday," and leave the matter right there. We tend to put the fulfillment of our real goals off to "When I retire," or "When the kids are out of the house," or "When I have time," and so on.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



Silent Master Image II
You and the Life Force Are One

Your Silent Master Consciousness was born out of the infinite Life Force creating and animating the Universe. You exist as a part of the Universe; therefore, It is the Life Force creating and animating you. It is the power that beats your heart. Because you are this Consciousness, whatever qualities the Life Force possesses, you possess also.



As I mentioned in Chapter One, the purpose of Self Discovery is to discover freedom, to live free! In Chapters Two and Three we discussed some of the things you need to do to get ready for Self Discovery and to commit your energy to the process. Now we look at the importance of closely examining the elements of your present life in order to create a new and better one, one designed to bring your greater freedom and happiness. This is the third stage of Self Discovery: life examination. It is an essential part of the Self Discovery process, and like readiness and energizing, it is a part of a process that really needs to be done every day, not just one time.

And why are we doing it at all? Because we want freedom! We want to be the original person we were born to be. And this means we must look at all the ways we may have strayed from our original self. How else can we get back on track?

As we begin to discover our original self and our original freedom, we will discover the heart of freedom: Love.

When you discover your true Self and the freedom of your true Self, you are discovering Love. Life without all the feelings and forms of Love isn't true life at all. Life without Love, no matter how full of material objects, is empty.

Perhaps you've noticed that many persons familiar to us in the media, famous musicians and actors, for example, often have enormous material success, yet sometimes end up in tragic circumstances, defeated by unhappiness, despair, loneliness, or suicide. Many times the picture we've had of them is that they had everything. But clearly they didn't. Their lives tell us that where there is no love, there is emptiness, loss of freedom, and loss of life."

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

The Best Defense Is the High Energy of Love

According to the laws of electricity, electrical energy flows from a positive state to a negative. Your energy behaves like electrical energy. So, if you are manifesting a high positive energy state and come in contact with a lower negative energy state, energy naturally moves from the higher to the lower, not vice versa. This means when you are manifesting a high, positive energy state, and you come into the presence of a low energy state (like a lot of negative or angry people) one of two things will happen. One is that the negative energy can possibly drain you, since energy flows from a high state to a low. You might begin to feel tired and become negative as well. But on the other hand, if you use your will and positive attitude to maintain your high state, you will cancel the negative state instead. This is the power of Love. When you consciously love, you create a field that can't hold ill will, harm or hurt. Love is the greatest protection of all.

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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Eating Is an Energy Exchange

"When you prepare and eat food, you are harnessing the energy in the vegetables, grains, or meat to interact with your energy, thereby creating more energy. Naturally you want to always eat the best quality food you can. But some people ask me what to do when they're traveling and just have to eat junk food at times. Because food exists in consciousness it has the energy of consciousness. When you eat you bring energy into your body. If you are in a situation where junk food is your only choice, remember that your positive attitude helps you get the best energy you can out of the food until a better selection is available.

It is your attitude toward what you eat - no matter whether it's vegetables or hot dogs - is the most important thing. Of course, vegetables and hot dogs have different nutritional value. Choose the purest, highest quality food you can in the circumstances.

The energy in foods is not all the same. Apples grown in an orchard where the farmer lovingly attended the trees, bestowed the best of plant foods and soil, and eliminated poisons from the environment and ground, will not have the same energy as apples grown in an environment of greed, commercialism, and neglect. The consciousness involved in the creation of the apples is different in each case."

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In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:

Dr. Tae Yun Kim Quotes


 When you have a goal that is a priority, and when you commit your total loyalty to this cause, you will undoubtedly make decisions about competing priorities in your life.

Remember the example of preparing to train for a marathon race? Attending every party in town could not be an equal priority to working out every day. One or the other must be chosen, the other sacrificed.

When your Silent Master gives you a desire, It will never ask you to sacrifice something you need. That is contrary to Its nature of love. When you find yourself at a crossroads and you must make a choice, look closely to see if the so called sacrifice is really a loss. Usually, the things we give up to achieve a goal are no longer needed or are unworthy of keeping. If you give up laziness to keep your workout schedule, is that a loss? If you give up fear while learning something new, is that a loss? If you give up smoking to train for the race, is that a loss?

When we discussed increase and decrease with the yin-yang symbol, we said that every decrease (the black yin area) carries with it the seed of some new increase (the white dot in the black). Decrease is destined to turn into increase. So, even a real sacrifice is not ever really a loss. It is preparation for a new condition.

Many times it appears we are forced into a crossroads situation and we have to make a choice, a sacrifice. Sometimes, however, we can freely and willingly sacrifice certain states of mind to make room for the new.

The word “sacrifice” is derived from the Latin words sacer, meaning holy, and facer, meaning “to make.” Sacrifice means “to make holy.” So, when you sacrifice your weaknesses, fears, and limitations, you’re actually loving yourself, making yourself holy by expressing your truth and purity This is a joyful, expanding process, no matter how painful it may appear on the surface.

Sacrifice leads to patience."


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Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

"Loyalty is a supreme act of love. Suppose you had a friend who gave you money when you were out of work, gave you a place to live when you had no home, saved your life when you were in trouble, told you to call anytime you needed help. Is this friend worthy of your loyalty? If one day this person asked you for your support, wouldn’t you gladly give it, even if it involved some kind of sacrifice on your part? Most likely, you would do anything you could for this friend. Your loyalty would know no bounds.

If this is what you would do for a friend, how about your Self? What are you willing to do for it? Aren’t you deserving of your own loyalty? How much loyalty are you willing to show your Silent Master, the infinite part of you constantly standing ready, like a friend, to give you everything?

Your Silent Master knows Its worth and value, knows It deserves all your love, energy, support—and loyalty. It knows It is truth, purity, and love—your truth, purity, and love. Thus, loyalty to your Silent Master is putting your real self forward with confidence, conviction, determination, purpose, power, and love. Show your loyalty! And as you do, you move as One with your Silent Master.

Loyalty leads to Sacrifice."

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Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes


 Why does love lead to loyalty?

 Love is its own reward. The wonderful feeling of love generated from expressing your real self naturally leads you to value your real self even more. Then, the more you value your real self, the more you love. This momentum of love is the essence of loyalty, so loyalty is the result of perpetuating, reinforcing, and expressing your real self by loving it.

 And how do you love yourself? By being your real self. There is no greater way to love your real self than by being It. That is loyalty.

 Here’s an interesting thought you may not be aware of. The word “loyal” is derived from the Latin word legalis, which means “legal.” Thus, loyal includes the meaning of legal, which means “bound by law.” So, when you are loyal to your real self, when you are loyal to true and pure ideas about yourself, you invite the law of manifestation to operate and bring forth your real self. Loyalty is an act of acknowledging this law, an act of recognizing that whatever you are mentally loyal to is bound to take form.

 Loyalty, then, is a lot like gratitude because they are both acts of recognizing or acknowledging an idea. Whatever you’re loyal to, you recognize. Whatever you recognize, you think about. Whatever you think recognize, you think about. Whatever you think about, you manifest.

 If you act with your body and mind as one, if you know the truth about yourself, if you express purity and love, you have done much to achieve your goal. It is at this point you must exercise loyalty to your cause so you bring your vision to completion, so you do not give up, turn back, regress, or undermine yourself."


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In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

"Thus, when you identify with a true idea through your gratitude, you feel the force of the love it contains. Feeling this love, you send it out again as greater, expanding gratitude. Then before you know it, your love is growing to appreciate more and more of the world around you—people, wildlife, nature, events. Ultimately, your consciousness becomes love, which you feel and express and which comes back to you everywhere in every way, as beauty, harmony, and peace.

 So it is, when you express gratitude, you connect with the Universal Love that is your Silent Master Consciousness. You find love within yourself first, by recognizing the truth of who you are. Then, as you express your purity, you automatically begin to feel the love that is a part of all true ideas. You are loved, loving, lovely, and lovable. You are love.

 Your awareness of love leads to loyalty."

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