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Strive for Success!

I received the message below in an email and I LOVED the message!

If you follow a FLY, it will lead you to POOP!

If you follow a BEE, you will find FLOWERS!

If you follow a BEGGAR, you will soon start BEGGING for everything.

In Life, WHO you are with is very important.

Who you are with will determine your SUCCESS or your FAILURE.

When you are surrounded by DILIGENT people, you won’t be passive.

When you are among WISE people, your own wisdom will grow.

When you are with SUCCESSFUL people, you can RISE to the TOP!

Attitude determines Everything!

Character determines Fate.

The luckiest thing in life is meeting a Good Teacher

–> at school

–> at work

–> and in marriage.

Never be with someone who CONSUMES you.

Love someone who can give you POSITIVE ENERGY.

Never live with or do business with someone who has NO Passion, NO Creativity, No Energy.

Life is a process of choices.

What choices will YOU make in your life today?

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In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:

Dr. Tae Yun Kim Quotes


 When you have a goal that is a priority, and when you commit your total loyalty to this cause, you will undoubtedly make decisions about competing priorities in your life.

Remember the example of preparing to train for a marathon race? Attending every party in town could not be an equal priority to working out every day. One or the other must be chosen, the other sacrificed.

When your Silent Master gives you a desire, It will never ask you to sacrifice something you need. That is contrary to Its nature of love. When you find yourself at a crossroads and you must make a choice, look closely to see if the so called sacrifice is really a loss. Usually, the things we give up to achieve a goal are no longer needed or are unworthy of keeping. If you give up laziness to keep your workout schedule, is that a loss? If you give up fear while learning something new, is that a loss? If you give up smoking to train for the race, is that a loss?

When we discussed increase and decrease with the yin-yang symbol, we said that every decrease (the black yin area) carries with it the seed of some new increase (the white dot in the black). Decrease is destined to turn into increase. So, even a real sacrifice is not ever really a loss. It is preparation for a new condition.

Many times it appears we are forced into a crossroads situation and we have to make a choice, a sacrifice. Sometimes, however, we can freely and willingly sacrifice certain states of mind to make room for the new.

The word “sacrifice” is derived from the Latin words sacer, meaning holy, and facer, meaning “to make.” Sacrifice means “to make holy.” So, when you sacrifice your weaknesses, fears, and limitations, you’re actually loving yourself, making yourself holy by expressing your truth and purity This is a joyful, expanding process, no matter how painful it may appear on the surface.

Sacrifice leads to patience.”


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Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

“Loyalty is a supreme act of love. Suppose you had a friend who gave you money when you were out of work, gave you a place to live when you had no home, saved your life when you were in trouble, told you to call anytime you needed help. Is this friend worthy of your loyalty? If one day this person asked you for your support, wouldn’t you gladly give it, even if it involved some kind of sacrifice on your part? Most likely, you would do anything you could for this friend. Your loyalty would know no bounds.

If this is what you would do for a friend, how about your Self? What are you willing to do for it? Aren’t you deserving of your own loyalty? How much loyalty are you willing to show your Silent Master, the infinite part of you constantly standing ready, like a friend, to give you everything?

Your Silent Master knows Its worth and value, knows It deserves all your love, energy, support—and loyalty. It knows It is truth, purity, and love—your truth, purity, and love. Thus, loyalty to your Silent Master is putting your real self forward with confidence, conviction, determination, purpose, power, and love. Show your loyalty! And as you do, you move as One with your Silent Master.

Loyalty leads to Sacrifice.”

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 Why does love lead to loyalty

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes


 Why does love lead to loyalty?

 Love is its own reward. The wonderful feeling of love generated from expressing your real self naturally leads you to value your real self even more. Then, the more you value your real self, the more you love. This momentum of love is the essence of loyalty, so loyalty is the result of perpetuating, reinforcing, and expressing your real self by loving it.

 And how do you love yourself? By being your real self. There is no greater way to love your real self than by being It. That is loyalty.

 Here’s an interesting thought you may not be aware of. The word “loyal” is derived from the Latin word legalis, which means “legal.” Thus, loyal includes the meaning of legal, which means “bound by law.” So, when you are loyal to your real self, when you are loyal to true and pure ideas about yourself, you invite the law of manifestation to operate and bring forth your real self. Loyalty is an act of acknowledging this law, an act of recognizing that whatever you are mentally loyal to is bound to take form.

 Loyalty, then, is a lot like gratitude because they are both acts of recognizing or acknowledging an idea. Whatever you’re loyal to, you recognize. Whatever you recognize, you think about. Whatever you think recognize, you think about. Whatever you think about, you manifest.

 If you act with your body and mind as one, if you know the truth about yourself, if you express purity and love, you have done much to achieve your goal. It is at this point you must exercise loyalty to your cause so you bring your vision to completion, so you do not give up, turn back, regress, or undermine yourself.”


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Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


 Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

“Experiencing gratitude is a simple way to connect with the love imparted to you and every idea in the universe. The direct experience of the consciousness of love is gratitude. Gratitude is the process of recognizing what is true. Gratitude is an act of awareness. Without awareness, there is no recognition of anything and, therefore, no love of anything.

 I’ll give you a small example of what I mean. Once I was driving west along the highway into a magnificent sunset. The entire sky was seemingly on fire with flames amazingly bright, burning colors: purple, orange, red, yellow, blue, pink. I’d never seen so many colors in one place. Finding my vision restricted by the car windows, I pulled over and got out so I could have a full view of this incredible sunset. After a few moments I began to notice cars rushing by. Some were filled with people talking to each other, in another a man was using his car phone, in another someone was trying to read a paper while keeping one eye on the road. I was puzzled because not everyone was aware of the magnificent sight in front of them. Most people seemed distracted in one way or another.

 I was reminded of the power of gratitude. The feelings I experienced with the sunset—the great peace, joy, appreciation, and love that welled up—seemed to exist only for me at that moment. Of course, this sunset offered the opportunity for wonderful feelings to everyone else driving on this road as well, but only those who were willing to acknowledge the sunset, to make a conscious recognition of its presence, would feel the impact of its beauty. That is gratitude. Gratitude is the act of recognizing an idea or a quality; and when you do so, you identify with it.”

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Before you can express love, you must find love.

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes


Before you can express love, you must find love. You must know love within yourself before can express it. You must love yourself before you can give it to another.

 When you recognize or experience the truth about yourself you automatically feel love, because love is a quality of your true consciousness and true ideas.

Remember what we said of your Silent Master Consciousness:


Your Silent Master

expresses completeness,

fulfillment, harmony,

peace, joy, and Love,

and imparts these

qualities to everything

It creates.

Thus, when you express purity—which is the truth about yourself, your Silent Master Consciousness—you feel a love for yourself that is expressed by self respect, self esteem, and self confidence.

 Love, and all the feelings of love, come with recognizing what is true about you and everything around you.”

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Express your Real Self

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


 Dr Tae Yun Kim Quotes

“Continue for yourself, now. Ask, What idea is lacking when I feel sorrow? When I feel shy? When I feel anger? When I feel jealous? Go down your personal list and fill these voids with the pure ideas belonging to your Real Self.

Doesn’t a healthy immune system operate on the principle of constantly distinguishing between self and not self, and then eliminating what is not self? Your mental immune system is your mental purity, the constant attention you give to which thoughts are Self (the Silent Master) and which are not Self (negative and limited). When you express purity, you express the pure power and knowing of your Silent Master. You express your Real Self!”

 Purity leads to Love.


More Info:

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Nothing standing in the way of your purity

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:

Dr. Tae Yun Kim

“Here, then, is some good news: Negative ideas are substantially unreal, like shadows. When you experience them, they are only pointing to a real idea you are not expressing. This means there is nothing standing in the way of your purity. Truly, there is only one reality, and you can make it your business to express it. You can fill the void of your negatives or anyone else’s by forming the positive idea.

 Take greed, for example, clearly a negative condition that creates all kinds of harm. Greed is the absence of the knowledge that you have the power to create all that you need out of your own ideas. Greed is the absence of the knowledge that you are complete and whole. If you truly know that you can have what you think, that you can have all you need, that you are complete and whole, you do not feel greed.

 Hate is the absence of love. Does that sound too simplistic? That thing you hate so much—isn’t it true that you hate it precisely because it falls so short of what you love? “I hate him” means “I love certain qualities he does not express.” But because you know that hating will only reinforce and perpetuate the negative condition, fill this negative void with loving energy that will recreate the picture.

 Fear is the absence of power. Fill this void by knowing who you are in Truth.”

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Moment of Truth

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


“Remember, what you do with every moment of now is all that matters. There will never be a tomorrow to realize your goals. When you know your mind and body are one right now and only right now, when you let this principle reach into every aspect of your living experience, then you will be in the driver’s seat, and you take control. You are thinking as your Silent Master thinks.

Body and Mind as One leads next to Truth.

2. Truth

Truth is Self discovery.

As you develop the habit of regarding your body and life experience as pictures of your thinking, you will certainly begin to learn something about yourself. Isn’t this what we call the moment of truth?

What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What do you see?”

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Your body is the living temple of your consciousness

Here is an excerpt from my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power:


 “Your body is the living temple of your consciousness. As a manifestation of your Silent Master Consciousness, your body is a holy place and deserving of your utmost love, care, and respect. Your body is meant to be well and whole and to beautifully carry out the instructions of your mind like a faithful servant.

Your body and mind, then, are designed to act as one at all times. This may take much focus, determination, and concentration on your part. For instance, you may set a goal of winning a marathon race. Your mind says, “This is an important priority; I want to win; I want to use all my spare time building up my speed and endurance by practicing every day.” If you nevertheless insist on partying often to late hours, eating improperly, skipping workouts “just this one time,” accepting frivolous invitations instead of turning them down, and on and on, is your body at one with your mind? How likely are you to succeed under these circumstances? Clearly, if this race is a priority, if you truly want to win, you will have to take control of your body and make all your physical activity conform to your goal. Body and mind as one!”

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