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Ignite Your Passion: Find Inspiration Today

Happy Women’s History Month to everyone! Let’s inspire and be inspired!

Today, I want to reflect on my journey as a Pioneer for women in Taekwondo. Being the First Korean female martial artist and Grandmaster in the world came with a lot of challenges, especially with prejudice and discrimination in a male-dominated field. However, I didn’t let anyone discourage me from pursuing my passion for Taekwondo.

Despite the obstacles, one of my proudest achievements was coaching the first U.S. Women’s Taekwondo team at the 1978 Pre-World Games in Seoul, Korea. It was an incredible experience to watch my team of talented female athletes compete on an international stage and makes history.

As the first female international referee and coach, I was able to break barriers and inspire other women to follow their dreams. Winning gold, silver, and bronze medals at the Pre-World Games was a testament to the hard work and dedication of my team and showed the world that women CAN excel in martial arts, despite prejudice and discrimination.

During Women’s History Month, I want to encourage all women to believe in themselves and pursue their passions, even in the face of challenges. Remember, with hard work and perseverance, you can overcome ANY obstacle and make a difference in the world. Let’s continue to break barriers and make our mark in history!

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