The Inner Dialogue Revolution: How to Transform Your Thoughts and Change Your Life

Today I want to talk to you about your Inner voice. 

Many of us carry on an unspoken inner monologue constantly that reflects our opinion of ourselves and the environment around us. Take a good look at those words that play in your mind as your inner voice does your thinking and feeling…Are they words that you want to see take form as events, circumstances, places, people, or things? Always remember that these inner words are vibrational blueprints that will tend to “solidify” into an actual physical experience. You do, indeed, have to take responsibility for your words, because they do have power.

Listen to your inner words. Frequently check to make sure you’re talking positively about yourself. If you find your inner voice saying…I’ll never make it… I’m no good… nobody wants me… nobody values me…I have nothing to offer… and on and on, then you need to consciously stop and consciously create new words. 

Practice Positive Thinking:

I am succeeding…My talent is valuable and desirable… I have a unique contribution to make…I am attractive…whatever you need to say to help you on your way, not hinder you. 

Remember, Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. What do you want to be surrounded by? 

Generate the thoughts that form the reality that you want to have in your life.

Need the inspiration to generate positive thoughts? Watch these videos: Break Through To Awesome and Inspire Nation

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