no time to meditate?

Try These Simple Ways to Incorporate Meditation Into Any Part of Your Life Whether at Work, Play, or Simply Relaxing

Turning Daily Activities into Moving Meditations.

A good way to help make your daily activities a moving meditation is to write down or say aloud (or silently to yourself) an affirmation that reflects how you will engage your mind and body as one as you carry out a specific activity. Here are a few examples:

While you are driving, you might say: “I am keeping a calm, attentive state of mind as I patiently and persistently move toward my destination.”

At work: “I am focusing on this particular project this morning and will not allow anything to distract me.”

Engaging in sports: “I am totally focused on the present moment and am aware of all my surroundings—the field, the other players, the ball.”

Cooking a meal: “I am expressing my love for the people who will receive this meal, including myself.”

Eating a meal: “I am focusing on loving myself as I nourish my body.”

Sharing affection with your significant other: “I am focusing completely on this moment together, on the beauty of who you are and the joy you bring to my life.”

Playing with your children: “I am giving all my attention to you at this moment and am expressing my gratitude to you because you remind me of how much joy there is in life.”

Singing or dancing: “I am one with the music as I send this loving message from my heart to the world.”

Reading a book: “I am learning all I can and becoming a better person in the process.”

So you can see that any activity that brings us into deeper communion with our real self in the present moment, whatever gives you a sense of peaceful unity, is a moving meditation. With the right frame of mind, the right view, and the right attitude, we can move as one with our inner self at all times, thereby creating harmony, beauty, peace, right action, and love right where we are, right now.

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