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Let Go of Stress

Are you ready to let go of stress throughout your day?

Where is your mind?

Where is your heart? 

 So many things happen in our lives every day, every hour, every minute. How much of this pass by you without you even being aware of it? 

Take a moment right now. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. That’s it. As you exhale, exhale all the stress and anxiety that has been building up inside of you. Let it go. Visualize yourself sitting on a rock in the middle of a running creek. As you watch the water swirl past you, sometimes a leaf or twig floats by. Attach your stress to the leaf or twig and let it continue to float past you.

Remember, this is your life.  You may not get a second chance. So live your life with GUSTO! Put your heart and energy into everything you do, even if you don’t understand, just do it!

Even if it is only for 5 minutes, take a moment at least once a day to close your eyes and let go of your stress. 

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