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Thank you for your service!

Our Firefighters: Our Heroes!

Hallelujah! In commemoration to September 11th, it is a blessing day to reach out and share my continuous support to our firefighters! I visited Chief Mike McLaughlin and some of his amazing team in the Applegate Valley in Oregon.

When I learned that they needed some valuable equipment, my team and I scheduled time to visit them and reached out heart to heart. It is my pure joy to present them a check so they can purchase the equipment they need to better serve and support our community! Also, we came with full baskets of many fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables from my organic farm at my ranch I call the Promised Land. We also sprinkled the basket with fun snacks, drinks, and boxes of H210 N95 Masks produced by my company, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions.

During my visit, they had showered me with many things and they drove me around the Applegate Valley in one of their fire trucks.

Wow, Wow, Wow! They have invited me to return on their special fire training day where I can put on the firefighter gear and experience everything first-hand! They gave me and my team an amazing tour of their facility where we talked about partnership in programs for our community and especially to inspire our young generations!

Did you know?!

The Applegate firefighters not only put out fires but they also respond to medical calls, structure fires, wildland fires, motor vehicle accidents, rope and water rescue calls, and public assists in addition to working closely with local schools and organizations to further fire prevention and public education efforts.

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They are truly our heroes!  Every day they wake up and they commit their lives to save others!

Let’s really show our appreciation to them. I salute to them.

I have so much respect for them.

We are thankful to connect heart to heart with Chief Mike & the firefighters of Applegate District #9.

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