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Core Principles for Life Success

I am rooting for your success!

Today, I would like to share with you the Core Principles for Life Success. This message came to me in 1982. I took my bible with me to the top of the mountain to pray. After two weeks of fasting, God gave me the vision to help people through technology. With this 1st vision, I thought I was hallucinating and I did not believe it. 

Two months later, I had the same vision. God gave me a tech message. But I did not know what to do with it! I prayed and asked how do I do this? God gave this message: Core Principles for Life Success.

Information is Power

Bring accurate & appropriate information to any topic or situation. Provide all information even if it is counter to your position. This will allow proper decisions to be made.

Communication must be Accurate

Communicate information accurately and concisely so that it is easy to understand. This will help to build synergy among team members.

Good Relationships are Essential

Trust and respect in our relationships are essential for us to work together. Listen to each other, and let the best ideas win the day so we can become one team.

Documentation gives us Freedom

Documentation creates a foundation for excellence so you don’t have to re-answer the same questions making it easier to bring new people and perspectives onto any project.

Organization gives us Speed

When your information is organized, you will be more efficient and timely whenever you need to access the data. This will have the entire group move forward faster.

Results must be targeted with Future Memory

Have a Future Memory(TM) at the start of every project. Know what you want your outcome to be even before you start and drive towards that result.  

When we achieve a Result, we inspire others to believe in themselves and to reach for their own dreams. Then we can Breakthrough to Awesome.  He Can Do She Can Do Why Not Me!

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