choices will you make today?

Strive for Success!

I received the message below in an email and I LOVED the message!

If you follow a FLY, it will lead you to POOP!

If you follow a BEE, you will find FLOWERS!

If you follow a BEGGAR, you will soon start BEGGING for everything.

In Life, WHO you are with is very important.

Who you are with will determine your SUCCESS or your FAILURE.

When you are surrounded by DILIGENT people, you won’t be passive.

When you are among WISE people, your own wisdom will grow.

When you are with SUCCESSFUL people, you can RISE to the TOP!

Attitude determines Everything!

Character determines Fate.

The luckiest thing in life is meeting a Good Teacher

–> at school

–> at work

–> and in marriage.

Never be with someone who CONSUMES you.

Love someone who can give you POSITIVE ENERGY.

Never live with or do business with someone who has NO Passion, NO Creativity, No Energy.

Life is a process of choices.

What choices will YOU make in your life today?

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