Claim Your Time for Self-Reflection

Here is an excerpt from my book, SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I discuss claiming your time for self-reflection:

We’re not always aware of the emotional patterns underlying the nagging issues in our lives.  One way to discover a pattern before it turns into a crisis is to take an honest look at what your life looks like.  What do your relationships and your environment look like?  Do you see lack of space, confinement, disagreement, lack of unity, failure, repeating patterns of conflict?  Be willing to acknowledge that there may be a connection between the pictures you see and your fears, your weaknesses, and your expectations.  Be willing to become aware of your fears.  An emotional pattern like fear of success or fear of the unknown will go on creating one picture of failure after another until it is corrected.

You can always seek professional help to aid you in identifying and changing mental or emotional patterns.  Your Silent Master is ready to help you as well.  When you need an answer to a problem that is beyond your immediate knowing, turn to your Silent Master for guidance.  Your real self knows the patterns you are holding that are obstructing and limiting you.  When your mind is clear, you can hear your real self speak to you – sometimes directly, sometimes through intuitions, inspirations, or thoughts.  The practices of visualization and meditation that I’ll cover in this chapter as well as in chapter thirteen can help you connect with this voice of wisdom within you.

Making time for self-reflection is essential in our busy twenty-first century.  If anything, the demands on us are greater today than ever before.  When we get so busy, the important work of self-reflection and communion with our Silent Master can get left behind.  But as a warrior on the path to inner power, you know that you are in control of your time.  An effective way to make time for this important inner work is to start booking appointments with yourself.


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