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Tae Yun Kim

You will always be striving to look at yourself impartially, like a doctor examining a patient for the first time – studying the symptoms, trying to gain insight into the source of the trouble, and prescribing the appropriate cure.  Only by being willing to constantly look at your weaknesses can you constantly do something about them.  This becomes a way of living, and this process requires the inner power steps of Love and Loyalty: love of your real Self, and loyalty to your goals.  

Tae Yun Kim

Love and loyalty are important because when you actually start living your Silent Master consciousness, new challenges are guaranteed to arise to test your commitment.  The higher the pole rises in the sun, the longer the shadow.  The greater your achievement, the greater the tests that come.  Some challenges at this stage may appear just as negative as certain experiences prior to the knowledge of your Silent Master.  But there will be a difference now, because you will know you are not a victim.  Now you will know your true Self is greater and more powerful than anything that threatens to take away your natural joy and freedom.

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