4) Rebirth

When you reach rebirth you have already committed to change your life for the better (readiness), you have done much work to purify your mind and body (energizing), you have set true goals for yourself (life examination), and now you put all of this into action as your new way of life.  Rebirth means actually living the new definition of yourself.  Now, instead of drifting along in life, acting and reacting with limited perception, you live with conscious awareness of your connection to your Silent Master consciousness.  You now become your own doctor and surgeon, carefully bringing your new self into the world by constantly removing the strangling, stifling thoughts and feelings of your old self.

Tae Yun Kim

Rebirth is not something that happens and then ends.  Rebirth is an ongoing process, a daily practice that goes on for your entire life.  This means that as you continue to move down your life’s path, you will constantly be made aware of changes you need to make, and will constantly be reborn as you make them.

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