Dr. Tae Yun Kim delivers an energetic opening address at the Women of Silicon Valley

Dr. Tae Yun Kim, CEO & Chairman of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, was born facing enormous difficulties, dangers and obstacles – but overcame them all to become one of the most successful and inspiring women of Silicon Valley and the world.

(Santa Clara, Calif.) – Dr. Tae Yun Kim, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, will present the keynote address at the Women of Silicon Valley 2017 conference at Santa Clara Convention Center, April 19th at 9:30 a.m., on the mainstage in the Elizabeth A. Hangs Theater. 

The title of her keynote address, “Be Passionate, Be One of a Kind and Have Courage in Your Life!”

On day two of the conference, Dr. Kim will also host a one-hour workshop, “Uncover the Secrets to Your Life Success from a Ki Energy Master,” April 20, at 11 a.m.

The conference, created to inspire and connect women working in the technology sector, is dedicated to developing the future for women in this field.  Following the success of the Women in Technology Series in Europe, conference organizers now bring market-leading content and networking to the home of technology, Silicon Valley. 

A tech industry pioneer, Dr. Kim’s company, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, is the leader in the contamination control monitoring industry.  It develops contamination control systems – monitoring the ultra-clean environments needed to manufacture semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and other extremely sensitive products for industries worldwide.

Lighthouse was founded on the premise of using science and technology to better mankind. Lighthouse systems are used to help manufacture safer drugs and pharmaceuticals and to help reduce infections in hospitals, among other applications.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s story is unique.  No stranger to impossible obstacles, she’s faced and overcome tremendous odds throughout her life. 

Since her birth in 1946, she’s come from the humblest of circumstances.  She was born in a small shack with a thatched roof and had to endure physical and mental abuse, hunger and rejection, simply because, as firstborn in her family, she was born a girl and, born on the lunar new year, into a male-dominated society in South Korea.  She was called the curse of her village.  She was abandoned during the Korean War when she was just five years old. 

She is a Korean War survivor and today, she is called the Hope of the Country of Korea.

Starting at age seven, she broke 5000 years of tradition prohibiting girls from training in taekwondo. In 1978, she paved the way for women to compete in the Olympics by leading the first U.S. women’s team to victory at the Pre-World Games in Seoul. Today she is a Ki-energy Master and the highest-ranked female martial artist in the world. 

Not speaking English when she immigrated to America in 1969, her first job was a motel janitor.  Today, she has won California’s Woman of the Year, the Susan B. Anthony Award, the Women of Achievement award and many more.  With her motto, “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!”, she founded Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions in a garage in 1982.  Now an international company, Lighthouse is the world’s leading supplier of real-time contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters. 

In addition to Chairman & CEO of Lighthouse, Dr. Kim is also an author, a Life Coach, a motivational speaker and philanthropist.

“I believe strongly in making every challenge an opportunity for positive change and growth,” explains Kim. 

“It is a fact, that if people choose to, they truly can rise above anything and everything.  A great pleasure in life, for me, has been to encourage people that they can succeed, they can rise above their circumstances—they can achieve their dreams.”

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