2) Energizing

The readiness stage is like getting a clean sheet of paper ready to write on.  Obviously you don’t want to write on paper that’s already marked up.  You are ready to move further on your self-discovery path when you’re open for development, like the clean sheet of paper.  You are then prepared for the next stage:  energizing.

Tae Yun Kim

This stage involves getting your energy under control – purifying it, increasing it, and directing it toward goals and activities that promote your growth and development rather than self-destructive or limited ends.  Because you are unique, it is important not to compare yourself with others or have unrealistic expectations for what you want to accomplish.  There is already within you a quiet recognition of the goals that are appropriate for you.  An unrealistic goal will make you feel “pushed” or anxious, whereas a realistic goal will bring a sense of excitement and eager anticipation.

Tae Yun Kim

What is energy?  I want to show you that energy is an expression of the Life Force of the whole universe.  And you and this Life Force are one!  Being at one with the Life Force of the universe, you are energy.  And the sun, wind, water, and all of nature is also energy.  When you cannot find this energy within yourself, often you can go into nature to feel and connect with the Life Force.  This Life Force – this energy – is Love in action.  When you start feeling this natural Love within you, It will change how you see and respond to the whole world.  You will start feeling a warmth, buoyancy, and enthusiasm that flows out of you as naturally as breathing.

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