Have an empty cup!

I also say–have a large empty cup!  Let your cup be ready to hold many new things.  If we focus only on looking for a pearl, we miss the diamond at our feet.  It’s good to have a specific goal, but also be willing to receive all kinds of new ideas, new feelings, and new visions.  The only way we can ever truly learn something is if we are totally open and receptive.  The greatest obstacles to our learning are our own doubts, suspicions, and self-imposed limited judgments.

 Tae Yun Kim

Having a large empty cup means you are willing to fill it with anything and everything good, not just one thing.  You may start on a self-discovery journey to lose weight, for instance.  But if you limit yourself to just that, you may not let your spiritual growth open other avenues for you.  In the process of losing weight, for instance, you may develop interests that remind you how much you like reading.  What may have begun as a journey to lose weight could end up being a journey to become the librarian you were meant to be, and had always wanted to be.

Tae Yun Kim


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