In my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

1) Readiness

 Tae Yun Kim

There’s a story about a rabbit who fell into a hole in the woods.  He hopped up and down inside the hole time after time after time, trying so hard to get out, but never succeeding.  Many other woodland animals came and watched this show, feeling sorry for the rabbit and expressing all kinds of sympathy and concern.  But of course, that was no help.  Finally they all left.  The next day when they returned to continue watching, they found the rabbit sitting calmly by a tree covering the hole.  “You got out!” they exclaimed in amazement.  “How did you do that?”  “Well,” the rabbit replied, “there was this big tree falling down over the hole, and well…I had to.”

And so it is that many of us aren’t ready to discover our spiritual nature until we feel we have to.  Suddenly you may have a life-threatening illness, or perhaps experience some kind of loss.  At these times you generally feel the need to search for a way to cope and a deeper meaning to life.  You naturally turn within yourself, looking and listening for a feeling of something true and real.  That something is your real Self, your Silent Master consciousness.

This is why adversity can be a blessing in disguise.  It turns you to your true self, where you not only find healing, but more of your undiscovered potential as well.

Tae Yun Kim

Whatever your motive for seeking your real Self, there are four things you must be willing to do if you are ready to seek and find your true Self.  You must be:

                    Willing to commit

                    Willing to change

                    Willing to have an open mind

                    Willing to take action

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