The Seven Steps to Self-Discovery

In my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

If your life is not filled with forms that are as pure and true as you’d like them to be, be assured that even these negative pictures have a purpose.  The negatives in your life simply show you where your thinking can be corrected, where your beliefs need to be examined, and where you can take positive action to change your environment.  Any disharmony, any illness, limitation, unhappiness, or tragedy is an opportunity to open to the reality of your True Self, to tap into your ever-present Silent Master consciousness within.  It’s an opportunity to start on a journey of true self-discovery.

Tae Yun Kim

And what are the goals of this journey?  The discovery of peace and joy.  The discovery of inner power, healing, and freedom!  Whatever path develops for you when you make the decision to discover your true self starts you on the way to the goal of freedom.

Tae Yun Kim

There are seven qualities – or principles – that are the foundation of the path of self-discovery.  No matter how your path progresses for you specifically, or whatever individual conditions you develop, these principles remain the same for everyone.  They are the basis of all creative power.   These qualities are:  Body and Mind As One, Truth, Purity, Love, Loyalty, Sacrifice, and Patience.  In developing these qualities, you bring your Silent Master consciousness to bear on all aspects of your life.  The Silent Master consciousness is a mover and shaper, and because you are one with this consciousness, you have freedom to re-shape or transform your life.

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Seven Steps to Inner Power​
The First Element
The Silent Master