Body, Mind, and Spirit Are One

In my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

The translation of Jung SuWon is body, mind, and spirit as one.  This concept of unity stands behind one of the basic elements of Jung Su Won teaching, namely:

Tae Yun Kim

The best material self you can be

is always a picture of

your True Self,

your pure spiritual being.

Your material self is a reflection of your true Self because they are one and the same!  If you are reading this book, you most likely have made the choice to discover the truth about yourself and your life.  We will be looking at ways to purify and strengthen your mind so it can bring forth the forms you desire in the purest and best way.  Your body, as well as everything you experience, is influenced by your thoughts and emotions.  The more purely and truly your thoughts and emotions mirror your Silent Master consciousness, the more effectively you can respond to any limiting factors or obstacles.  You will learn to use the power of your own mind to make choices and take actions which create the changes and improvements you wish to see in your body and environment.

Tae Yun Kim

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