Self-Discovery Creates Freedom

In my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


Tae Yun Kim

For example, one of my students was working in a very low paying factory job where he was bored and unhappy.  When I asked him why he was there he replied that he “couldn’t do what he wanted to do.”  Having this belief, he was afraid to even try something else.  It turned out what he wanted to do – work with computers – simply required specialized training he hadn’t accomplished.

His belief that he “couldn’t do what he wanted to do” was simply a limited belief – nothing more.  By examining and questioning this fear, he was able to prove that his true self was far more unlimited than his self-concept.  Then by getting the training and developing a plan of action he was finally able to obtain the job and salary that he desired.  In a matter of a few years – and lots of hard work – his salary climbed in increments from $18,000 to $70,000.  But even more importantly, along with this process he gained the self-confidence and self-esteem that had been missing.  How he felt about himself had changed.  His self-image had changed.  Feeling differently about himself, he was therefore better able to communicate his ideas to people and they now responded to him quite differently, with more respect.  This is a good example of how self-discovery creates freedom.

You may ask: if my Silent Master – my true self – is already what I am, why do I not know it?  Why is my life not automatically perfect and happy?
Tae Yun Kim

Because you have free will, you can look away from Truth and hold any idea you wish in your own consciousness. Your free will allows you to stay in any environment you wish, even one that hurts you. The student just mentioned, for example, was free to believe that he couldn’t have the career he wanted, and free to work in a boring, limited job that didn’t utilize his true abilities.  But he was also free to change that belief and to put his true talents to work, and he did just that.


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