Self-Discovery Means Learning to Live Free

Here is an extremely insightful question about our lives in my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within ~ Do I want the next five years to be like the last five?

tae yun kim

If your answer to the above question is no, then you are ready to begin a journey of self-discovery.  The feeling of “faking it” or “missing it” comes from not knowing who you really are.  When you discover your true self, you feel the natural desires and aspirations that will guide you into a happy and fulfilling life.  You come to know a peace and joy that lives with you no matter what your material circumstances are.

tae yun kim

Our thoughts and feelings are pure energy. Whatever we think about consciously and subconsciously manifests in our daily life in one form or another. This means that all the negative thoughts, self-limitations, and doubts we have about ourselves will hold us back from reaching our true self, the person we are born to be. On the other hand, positive attitudes, constructive action, and the pure thoughts and feelings we have will create a very different life of peace and freedom. So, on the journey of discovering your true self, one of the most important tool you’ll take with you is your attitude.

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