False Concepts

In my book, Seven Steps to Inner Power, I encourage us to ask ourselves a very fundamental question: “Who am I?”  From there, the book guides us through the steps needed to truly be able to answer that question.  One key step is to “make the decision to begin replacing the false concepts about yourself with the knowledge of your true being.”

Dr. Tae Yun Kim

I found the words “false concepts” resonated deeply within me.  In my own journey to be able to answer “Who am I?”, I’ve been recognizing that my inner dialog is nearly 100% false concepts about myself.  What I say to myself in my mind hasn’t been very kind.  Saying to myself “Oh, you look like crap” each time I see my reflection isn’t very healthy for me.  Or, not feeling confident that I can get projects at work done.  Or, not wanting to approach people to talk to them at social functions.  Those are all false concepts, yet thinking that way was almost as automatic to me as breathing.


As soon as I started to recognize how poor the quality of my thinking was, l then made the decision that I had to change.  I learned that I can take charge of my thinking!  It didn’t happen overnight, bad habits seem to take a whole lot longer to break than to acquire.  And, once I was well on the path to truly changing my thinking, I experienced the same exact surge of energy and relaxation that   talks about on the topic of “Releasing Weaknesses Releases Your Energy.”  Getting rid of my negative inner dialog really changed my life for the better.  Not only do I see the beauty in myself as the person that I am meant to be, I am also able to see beauty in those around me.

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