Freedom means you control how you respond to the world

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Here on earth you live with many other people and many other nations. Since you can’t control everything that happens in the world, freedom means you control how you respond to the world. You control who you are, what you think and how you feel, and that shapes everything you experience. Freedom means you express your power to realize your goals and desires, so that nothing can take away your natural joy to be alive.

You are free when you can be the purity of yourself no matter what happens to you or to the world and when you allow the purity of yourself to always shine under all circumstances. The light of your own energy can chase away any darkness for you and promote healing problems that confront you. You are your true creative Self, and you create your own freedom by using your power to develop, protect, and express your life on your terms.

Freedom does not mean being free from adversity or difficulty. Freedom is the knowledge you have the power to conquer adversity and difficulty. If you could ask any animal living free in the animal kingdom, they would tell you they aren’t free from “trouble.” Predators are everywhere, and life is a daily challenge. It takes effort! But all animals were born with instincts to protect them, and were given special talents and abilities to help them stay alive and pursue their life in freedom. It is the same for you. Living with over four billion other people on Earth, you will not be entirely free from “trouble” of many kinds. But the wisdom, intelligence and creative power of your Silent Master is with you always to guide, protect and support you. Freedom is knowing you are connected to this power source and that you can put it into action to conquer adversity.

You, and you alone, have the power to make yourself free, because taking charge of your life is a choice. Since you have within you right now your Silent Master consciousness, the creative Life Force of the universe, all you need do is choose to discover it. And then there’s only one more step needed to complete your freedom: Take action!

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