Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


To me, one of the most perfect pictures of freedom is nature in the wild. Birds are free to fly wherever their instincts take them, to the highest mountain or to the water’s edge. Bears, rabbits, deer, creatures of all names and sizes, freely roam the land, each finding their food and shelter in their own individual way. Animals freely express their unique individuality. No animal tries to be like another. Mountain lions don’t try to live like deer or eat their food. Rabbits don’t try to hibernate like bears. All animals take their individuality for granted, “trusting” that nature provides everything necessary to fulfill their every need.

And the elements of nature are also free and joyous, expressing and contributing their gifts abundantly. The sun shines faithfully and warmly no matter what happens on the planet below. Rivers flow through their native surroundings bringing food for life. And beauty is everywhere. The clouds, winds, rainbows, butterflies, light filtered through the forest trees all come together in a beautiful picture of harmony.

You are a part of all this! Freedom, beauty, and originality for you is exactly the same as for nature’s beings and elements. You are an original! An individual, unique and special. You have your own talents and abilities, and don’t have to imitate anyone else, or want what they have. You have your own special purpose. To discover your Silent Master is to realize you have the power to create your own freedom. Living free means you put your freedom into action. You are the one in charge of the direction of your life. You don’t let life happen to you. You don’t let yourself be a victim.

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