Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:



Silent Master Image V
You Have the Power
to Fulfill Your Dreams

Your Silent Master is completely aware, infinitely intelligent, and ready to give you all the insight, information, and direction you need to fulfill your dreams, ambitions, and goals. In fact, this Consciousness is the Source of all your true desires.


The whole point of discovering your real Self your Silent Master is to be able to live free. So congratulations! You’re living in a universe where freedom can be yours. Are you celebrating yet? If you aren’t, maybe it hasn’t become clear what freedom can mean to you personally. Have you been working on purifying and increasing your energy? Have you examined your life and prepared for the rebirth into freedom that rightfully belongs to you? Freedom is waiting for you right now. What action are you going to take to make it yours?

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Seven Steps to Inner Power​
The First Element
The Silent Master