The Right Use of Patience Promotes Victory

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

The Right Use of Patience Promotes Victory

In the apple tree story we see how each would be farmer started out doing everything right. They all had a specific goal that was reachable, they were enthusiastic and committed, and they all even visualized the desired outcome. They didn’t just dream of their success; they took good action to set their goal in motion. Nothing should have hindered the manifestation for each, but unfortunately six of them at various stages became victims of their own impatient, undisciplined thinking.

But when you act as the seventh farmer did, you are well on your way to our ultimate goal of freedom!



As we discussed, rebirth happens every moment you change in a positive way. When you express negative qualities, or when someone expresses them to you, you have an opportunity, even then, to put your own original Love into action. You have an opportunity to discard the negativity, and replace it with the truth about your real Self. Look back over the past week and think of situations where you expressed negativity. There may be many or few. Instead of criticizing yourself for feeling and acting the way you did, look at an alternative action you could have taken in each situation. Jot down your responses this way:

“I felt jealousy in this situation and I reacted by…. Instead I could have…and both of us would have felt better.”

Or, “I felt anger when that person spoke to me harshly and I reacted by…Instead, I could have said or done…..and we might have avoided the conflict.”

Notice the purpose of this exercise is not to prove you were wrong to have the negative emotion, but rather to show how a positive action or shift in attitude can help eliminate the cause of the negativity, and promote a new and different Self-Concept.


Try this exercise before you go to sleep, when you’re relaxed and your mind is free. Imagine that you are some kind of energy broadcasting station. Perhaps you can see yourself as a sphere of light, or perhaps your energy is invisible. However you do it, in this state you now have the ability to broadcast a message to anyone and everyone you choose in your present environment. You’re going to let them know of your new goals, your new self-concept or your new path. Look at your parents, for instance, with your new energy “eyes.” Begin speaking to them, no matter what you see them doing, and know that your message is surrounding them and will be heard in some way. Tell them what kind of person you are and what you would like to bring to them and to the world. Tell them what you hope to do in life and what you need from them to help you do it. Broadcast to any friends or associates who also need to hear your message. This exercise is a form of visualization that actually helps create the life you’re “broadcasting.”

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