It’s not over ’til it’s over – stay loyal to your goals!

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

“It’s not over ’til it’s over.” Nowhere is this truth more clear than in watching athletes compete in the Olympic Games. Since the abilities of the Olympic athletes are so competitively similar, often the winner leads by a fraction of a second. Sometimes it’s so close that the winner is only determined by looking at the film footage. In track competitions we also see instances where a runner behind the one who looks like he’ll be the winner suddenly pulls out and overtakes the person in front, winning the event by less than an inch. How important it is to persevere with all your commitment until the very end! Olympic athletes know all too well that at the end of the race, letting up just one little bit can cost them a medal. In the same way, you too must persevere with full commitment until you reach your goal. The seventh farmer was not defeated by difficulties at the last minute. He persevered until the apple was in his hand.

The rewards of remaining loyal until you arrive at your goal go beyond just obtaining the goal itself. Every time you win even something small or overcome a weakness or conquer a limitation, you make your true Self more real and powerful in your life. This growth goes on to create more growth, and more challenges that bring out even more of your potential. And where does it all end? In greater freedom for you. The result of continuing Self Discovery is the power to be more free.

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