Patience, The 7 Farmers, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Continued from prior post….

Think about this moment! After all these years, all his work, all his patience, he finally had the fruit in his hand! The biggest, reddest, and most beautiful apple he had ever seen. With an enormous sense of pride and accomplishment, he bit into apple, and was filled with peace, harmony and joy. In that moment, all the hardships he had endured, all the hours of work and effort, were worth it a million times over. The quiet love and joy he felt, the bliss, the peace and serenity he found within him was beyond any price.

Is this the kind of farmer you have proved to be? If so, I hope you are celebrating!

This seventh farmer fulfilled all the right uses of patience just mentioned. He waited patiently through all the small steps of the process, he remained loyal to his goal, he kept his priorities straight, he didn’t mistake any stage of the process as being the end, he let himself be guided at the end as to how to get the apples down, and he certainly recognized what his true victory would be. The seventh farmer also did one more thing: he persevered until the goal was in his hand the way he desired.

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