Patience, The 7 Farmers, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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Just as the fifth farmer shows us the wrong use of self will, this sixth farmer shows us the wrong use of patience. Patience does not mean we expect our goal to be handed to us on a silver platter if we just wait long enough. This farmer celebrated a victory of the wrong thing at the wrong time, and therefore missed his true victory. He became a little too self satisfied and smug by praising himself on his hard work, without realizing he needed to do something about the results of his hard work. It’s true he successfully grew the apples, and that was a fine accomplishment, but it wasn’t the real victory. The real victory would be to harvest the apples, and putt them to use. Isn’t that why they were grown? The seven farmers didn’t set this: let’s grow apple trees for kicks. No, their goal was to harvest and eat the apples.

When you have a specific goal, you must recognize the moment of your true victory. For example, let’s say you desire to heal a broken relationship. You work hard to gain more purity and understanding about your true Self. Finally you realize that you have learned many new concepts and ideas, and released many bad habits. In fact, you have changed for the better. This is a great accomplishment, but it isn’t the ultimate goal. At this point, simply patiently waiting for the broken relationship to heal will most likely be totally ineffective. Instead, at this point, you need to actively use what’s been learned. Then a total victory can be won. Recognize your true victory.

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