Patience, The 7 Farmers, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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Instead of realizing that to get the apples down was another stage of the process, and to wait patiently for an intelligent way to do so was yet another stage, he impetuously jumped in and used unintelligent “force.” This is the wrong use of self will, and if you do this you are likely to destroy what you have built. True will, as it comes from your Silent Master, is intelligent and effective when expressed, and produces harmony. True self will is a result of listening to the inner voice of your Silent Master as it guides and protects you, and leads you into harmonious action. If this farmer had taken the time to patiently listen within, a perfectly suitable solution to his problem would have appeared, and he could have enjoyed the fruit of his labors. Let yourself be guided when necessary.

Another farmer looked up at his red apples and began to savor all the hard work he’d put into them. He congratulated himself on all the sacrifices he’d made all the sweat and toil. He lay down under the tree with his mouth open waiting for those sweet apples to fall down into his mouth. He waited, and waited, and waited…and finally, a big deep red apple fell into his mouth. Quickly he bit into it, but to his surprise it was mushy and rotten inside and a huge worm crawled out as he looked at it. He regretted that he had wasted his time and left feeling cheated, having nothing but rotten apples to show for all his efforts.

To Be Continued…

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