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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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Likewise, wherever you are right now, concentrate more on developing positive thoughts and feelings than on your actual circumstances. Keep your vision, and develop the mental traits that will get you where you want to be. Your circumstances will change as a result. Don’t mistake stages of growth for the end result.

Years passed and three farmers persevered. They had braved all the difficulties and now their trees were bearing fruit. Way up high in the boughs of their trees they could see the beautiful red fruit, just as they’d dreamed. But the problem was, they couldn’t reach it.

One farmer grabbed a nearby stick and decided he would knock his apples out of the tree. He swung and beat all the apples out of the tree. Later as he collected them he saw how bruised and broken they were. After the fall, rolling in the dirt, the apples were quite damaged. As he bit into them, their sweetness was mixed with dirt and small rocks. He felt disappointed and unfulfilled with such unpleasing fruit.

You’ve set out on a path toward a certain goal, you haven’t quite arrived, so you get impatient and do something, anything, to try to make it happen. Have you ever done this? If so, you’ve probably found it usually backfires in some way, like this farmer’s impatience. His failure was a result of being too impetuous, which is the wrong use of will power. He tried to force the outcome when he came upon a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. When you trust your Silent Master to bring about a certain manifestation, and you begin to see the results, you must keep trusting all the way to the end. This will sometimes require some patient listening on your part, a willingness to let your Silent Master give you direction when necessary.

To Be Continued…

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