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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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You didn’t become an adult immediately after you were born. There were lots of stages in the process. You didn’t necessarily know when you were five where you would be when you were ten. You didn’t know at ten where you would be at twenty. Just so, when you set out to change your life, you may not have a total overview of the events leading you to a certain outcome. So you don’t want to give up merely because you don’t yet see yourself where you want to be. Every event in your life is teaching you something. To take the straightest path to your goal, make use of every little bus stop along the way.

Think of the biblical story of Joseph, whose brothers were jealous of him, and, during a journey, abandoned him and left him to die. Worse, he also eventually landed in prison and became a slave. Do you think he “knew” that all of this was leading him to a position of political power in Egypt? Not very likely. More likely he was probably tempted to be angry, resentful, and unforgiving. After all, he had everything taken from him his family, his wealth, his freedom. Yet, all along the way, through everything that happened to him, he remained loyal to his integrity and inner worth. No matter where he landed, he expressed positive inner qualities, and his unique talents finally raised him to a position of power (serving as the right hand assistant to Pharaoh). Unfortunate events he experienced were all leading somewhere, and fortunately, he did not indulge in impatient resentment; he held onto his integrity until a good end was reached.

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