Patience, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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A year had passed and now the trees were in bloom. There were flowers on the branches everywhere and the trees were truly beautiful. One farmer walked up to his tree, and when he saw the beautiful flowers, he thought they were the fruit. He bit into one and spit it out. It tasted terrible! This wasn’t the beautiful fruit the stranger had brought to the village. He couldn’t believe he had worked for so long, only to grow the wrong thing. Instead of an apple tree, he had grown a flower tree. He felt betrayed, used and unforgiving. He tore off all the flowers, kicked the tree, and turned his back to walk away forever.

Another sad ending because of impatience. The fourth farmer’s impatience was a result of not understanding that growth usually comes in stages. This would be farmer didn’t realize that out of the flowers come the fruit! He impatiently destroyed an important part of the fruit development process. Are you this kind of farmer? Do you get frustrated and give up too easily? Or are you willing to be aware and alert so that you know when you’ve reached just a stage or plateau in your growth?

True enough, the flowers aren’t good to eat. True enough, half way to your goal isn’t being there. But since flowers are a necessary part of the growing process, they can be used for just what they are beautiful flowers that can be simply admired and enjoyed until later development brings the fruit. Sometimes you will have to rely on your intelligence to realize that you haven’t failed, but rather that you are in a stage of growth that will develop further. Don’t give up your aims until you’ve made an effort to thoroughly analyze where you are.
To Be Continued…

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