Patience, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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Months passed and the small trees grew higher. Now they stood as tall as the farmers and were starting to fill out. The growth had seemed to take a long time, and one farmer was starting to feel a little aggravated by his tree. He had given up so many things for this tree, he thought. He was no longer able to do all the things he had done before. His friends would stop by and want to go places, but often he had to stay and take care of his tree. Many of them had been laughing at him, wondering why he was wasting away his life on this stupid tree. Now more and more he was asking himself the same thing: Why was he doing this? Finally, he decided the tree had become a prison to him. He kicked it down and went off to be with his friends, feeling free and yet somehow strangely empty inside.

Hopefully you won’t fall prey to this farmer’s type of impatience. This third farmer couldn’t remain clear as to what his priorities were. His impatience or giving up was a result of not clearly defining what he wanted. You either want an apple tree or you don’t. You either want Self Discovery or you don’t. If you do, then that goal has to remain a priority until the goal is won. You don’t respond to temptations and distractions no matter what their source.

When you make something a priority, you go beyond trying to win the goal. Merely trying puts your desire into the future, which you will always be in the process of trying to reach someday. Instead, a commitment to a priority means you see yourself already there. You will keep that vision until you are there. This farmer lost his vision by giving power to distractions that gradually took hold of him. No wonder he felt strangely empty when he walked away. When you give up a personal vision, you throw away a part of yourself your power. Giving up means giving away your power, and here, he gave his power to most unworthy subjects, friends who had laughed at him. Know your priorities.

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