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Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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Now we begin to see the problem of impatience. Instant results are wonderful, but the problem is, they seldom exist. This farmer’s impatience was a result of not trusting the growing process. He didn’t trust that an apple tree would come after the sprout, if only he could wait patiently during a period of development. Instead, after waiting only a very short time, he abandoned the project because he didn’t have a completed apple.

Are you this kind of farmer? We seldom get instant results when we work on developing ourselves. You may see only a little change at first. But the little change should be a big reminder that change is happening, and that your full growth will surely come if you have patience. That’s all that matters. The speed at which you grow does not matter. If you are trying to overcome your shyness with the opposite sex, for instance, be happy with yourself if you find you can look at someone with interest. Then you can be happier still when you are able to actually start a conversation. Be happy with small steps until you reach your goal.

Many weeks passed and the trees belonging to the other farmers sprouted branches, and started growing rapidly. At this point, one farmer started to grow weary of the routine, every day getting up so early to water, remove the weeds, every day so much work. After a while he got preoccupied with other things he was doing, and started forgetting to come to water and weed. Finally one day when he remembered to visit his tree, he found it had withered from lack of water and care. At first he was heartbroken, but soon he was preoccupied again with all the other things that had kept him busy.

Here we have another kind of impatience. This would be farmer drives home the lesson on remaining loyal to your objective, resisting distractions that take you away from your goal. Here, impatience is the inability to remain committed long enough to see your goal come to fruition. Do you do this? Are you this kind of farmer? He started out with the best efforts, and ultimately he even regretted his negligence, but he lacked the fiery energy to stay loyal to his goal and continue the work until the apples manifested. Remember that we discussed the best way to resist distractions to let go of what distracts you. This farmer proved he was able to detach, but he detached from the wrong thing. He let go of his goal! And he had only himself to blame. Stay loyal to your goals.

To Be Continued…

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