Patience, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

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The stranger showed them tiny seeds altogether different from the fruit they had just eaten, and invited the villagers to plant them. Seven excited would be apple farmers came forward, took the seeds and planted them. They all worked very hard to do everything the master told them to do for planting, because each of them really wanted a crop of these luscious red apples. Each began dreaming of the day they would taste them.

Isn’t this how you react when one day you finally realize what you want out of life, and you also realize you can get it? Just as the stranger showed them the means to get the desired apples, you have learned that there are specific tools (such as those in this book) to help you reach your goals. The process of Self Discovery – or as in this story, the process of apple farming – then begins, and you’re on your way with excitement and anticipation.

Days passed and nothing happened. One would be farmer started to get discouraged. Already it had been over a week and no apples had appeared. Then one day a tiny green stem started to poke its head up through the soil. The farmer was furious. “This sprout doesn’t remotely resemble an apple tree,” he grumbled. Thinking of all the hard work he put into tending the field, he stomped on the plant, and marched off in a huff, discouraged, disillusioned, and angry.

To Be Continued…

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