Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:


I emphasize the inner power of patience during the rebirth stage because you are bound to make mistakes as you try to bring out new aspects of yourself. You also need patience to help you wait for the outcome you desire to create. Patience involves love and loyalty. Waiting doesn’t mean sitting back and hoping; waiting means you love yourself enough to patiently stay loyal to your truth until your outcome is manifested. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, find a new career, or create a better relationship, patience will be necessary as you work toward your goal.

Patience is so important in the rebirth stage of Self Discovery, that I tell a story of Seven Farmers and Apple Trees to illustrate the perils of impatience. Just as you used self discipline to remain loyal to your goals, you need mental discipline to overcome the enemies of patience.

Once there was a village of people who had never eaten an apple and never seen an apple tree. One day a stranger came to their village and presented them with their first apples. They tasted the fruit, and they were awed and inspired by the strange but wonderful and delicious taste. “How can we have this?” they asked with desire and enthusiasm. “What can we do to obtain fruit like this?” The stranger replied, “Believe it or not, you can grow this fruit from these tiny seeds.”

To Be Continued…

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