Possess Without Being Possessed

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

Possess Without Being Possessed

If you can be surrounded by objects, persons, events, or whatever, without fear of losing them, and if you really understand that all material things are impermanent and subject to change, loss, and gain, you are on your way to true freedom.

How much stress is in your life because of the struggle to prevent loss or change of some kind? How much of your precious time is stolen from you because you constantly have to manage, care for, repair, or clean objects that are not that important?

Since everything material sooner or later will disintegrate or disappear somehow, you will find your truest freedom in discovering happiness and satisfaction apart from possessions. We live in a material world where we need material objects for survival, but we do not need to be attached to these objects for happiness. Happiness is a quality you already possess within your Silent Master consciousness that can never be shaped by material loss or gain. The more you strive to release yourself from attachment to material objects and limited thinking, and find this true state of happiness within, the more indestructible your freedom will be.

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