Let go of negative attitudes if you want to create new good in your life

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

And that brings me to a second point. When you say “I should have that promotion, not her” you’re saying that there are a limited number of promotions to go around. So what if that person got the particular position you wanted? Why limit yourself and stop there? You can get what’s right for you also. Maybe it’s not time yet. What if another, better job is taking form right now? It’s possible the reason you didn’t get this promotion is because it would keep you from being available for this better job. But by resenting, you’re saying only one person can get a good job.

When you say, “I hope this person fails because they don’t deserve it,” you’re saying that good can be destroyed or taken away from people. If you believe that good can be taken away or destroyed for another person, then you’re making yourself a victim of this belief as well. The feeling of resentment hangs in your mind, covering your life like a gloomy umbrella.

By resenting this person, you’re also hanging onto all the other negative beliefs that will keep you in state of loss. As long as you hold the resentment, have this attachment, you will not be free to use your thought and emotions to create your own good. These false beliefs will create more negative situations, encouraging you to feel more resentment, and the cycle will go on and on until you stop it. How do you stop it? By understanding why you must let go of these mental qualities, and then using your will and intelligence to do it.

Since holding resentment can prevent you from focusing your energy on your own good, doesn’t it make sense to give it up?

For practice, think about a few other negative qualities like anger and self pity, or whatever you might be holding right now, and analyze the beliefs that go with these feelings, just as I did for resentment. I think you will easily convince yourself of the need to let go of negative attitudes if you want to create new good in your life.

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