Don’t resent…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

How so? Let’s take a closer look at what you hold in your mind when you allow resentment to dwell there. When you say “it isn’t fair,” you’re overlooking the fact that thoughts and emotions create everything that exists for you. Don’t misunderstand when I say this: you don’t get what you deserve in this instance; you get what you are. Whether or not you think you deserve something is not important. The feeling of deserving something is often a matter of human judgment, which can be faulty. What you are in your thinking is important because that’s where the creative power is. When that person got the promotion you wanted, it means she helped create it or attract it. Just because she got that particular position, doesn’t mean you won’t get one commensurate with your worth. But at that moment, that person manifested the job instead of you. By resenting it, you’re saying you don’t have power to create your own situation. You’re denying your own power, and giving it to the other person instead.

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