A Story of a Master and His Student, continued…

Here is an excerpt from my book, The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within:

This story shows how the thoughts we keep in our mind can rule over us as long as we allow them to stay there. The master who was able to let go of the action he took to help the woman had a pure mind. He understood that the purpose of the vow not to touch a woman was to help keep his mind free of sexual desire. Since his intent was simply to show compassion, and not to feel sexual desire, he knew that he was not being impure and not breaking the spirit of his vow to help the woman. Naturally, under these special circumstances, it was easy to let go of the action he took once it was completed.

The student who chose to mull over the situation, criticizing, resenting, did not demonstrate the same purity of mind. He didn’t look any deeper than the surface of the situation to see the purity of his master’s action, and instead he looked only at the “sin.” As a result, he couldn’t let go of the scene in his mind.

If the master and student were presented with a real temptation to give in to a seductive woman, who do you think would be more likely to do it – the master who seemed to go against his vow to touch a woman, or the student who made such an issue out of the “sin?”

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